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  1. iOSGG pubg f*** (inappropriate word) is dead ... four months have passed since I bought a subscription here ... I spent about $ 250 ... it's a lot of money ... I understand that using hacker versions you can be banned ... but you can’t play ... just waiting for support and new versions that work for a maximum of one day ... as a result, lost money and the lack of a game ... it's like a scam ... give money and not get anything in return. as a result, I spent the money again and bought a private hack elsewhere and already forgot iOSGG as a nightmare
  2. How could I activate this version if I’m swip ? the code doesn’t work for me please help
  3. 3 hours of play 3-4 days waiting for the new version. Then ban. 2 banned awesome account. Lots of lost friends. a lot of money thrown into it. this is the result. ((((((((((((
  4. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    I didn't lie to anyone. and got a swip a few hours ago.
  5. Be careful. It’s a scam. @BeastHaxstop scumming here and get to f*ck out this site
  6. It’s scam. Be careful !!!!!!!!
  7. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    It’s scam. Be careful friends !!!!
  8. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    none of the swips exactly answered have a new version or not
  9. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    I agree with the resolution. but somebody tell me. Is it true that swip members now have a new version of 0.12.5? Thank you very much
  10. Different between Svip $ vip

    Are you sure that swip fave new version now ?