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Found 127 results

  1. Error entering activation code

    I am playing pubg VNG version, I got the activation code on April 3. I was playing a game when I was thrown out and couldn't come in again. I can't use the old activation code to enter it. What should I do now ?
  2. Bane 10 min Pupg VN

    I have been baned for 10 minutes and many matches in a row Aimbot VN version
  3. x

    I got a new key when I entered the phone that it was not activated Can you help me
  4. Help

    Tôi bị thu hồi chứng chỉ.đã xoá đi và tải lại những mã key của tôi không hoạt động
  5. Pubg Super Key Download

    Won’t download for me. Others do but not that one. Aim bot. Says to try later. I just did the direct install for now.
  6. I installed darkness rises, but I need my iOS gg account data, tough I linked with FB so I don’t have a password, how can I get one? I don’t want to create another acccount and link it, so I may loose vip. Please help
  7. Pubg mobile

    Who has an anti-ban device for jailbeak? or help me 0.17.0 @H021
  8. I just get Pubg hack and the key but when I put it it shows me that it is wrong how can I solve this problem?
  9. 封号十年

  10. Current ‘grim soul survival’ hack quits itself immediately upon launching the app. This started to happen a few days ago, I was able to play without any problem before. I tried with an other device and it worked, but when I tried rebooting or resetting my iphone etc. it did not work, app keeps closing in my iPhone. Is there a solution to this problem? Any help is appreciated. I use iphone 6s and it has the latest ios version. thanks in advance.
  11. Direct install problem

    Hey, my direct install doesnt work, after the download is finished and I trusted the app I then wanna open it but the app opens for like 1 sec and the instantly closes again... every app I install has this problem...
  12. Pubg

    I need a pubg hack link for jailbroken ios. help me please ? Thanks so much?
  13. PUBG Cannot log in

    Press the Activate Device button to log in with all PUBG versions and the PUBG app will shut down! Uninstalling and superinstalling Even if I downloaded the Taiwan version again, it occurred at the same place and I could not log in. I tried direct install but couldn't log in and it was the same. Can you fix it? And can I use the same activation code as before? Thank you. I am always grateful for your help.
  14. pubg activation

    I can’t activate the pubg (what should I do? There is a code, but it gives an error, activation was carried out through the video instruction 12/21/2019
  15. Vip

    Сколько будет работать VIP и как скачать без ПК?
  16. Vip

    How much will the VIP work and how to download without a PC?
  17. Pubg hack not working??

    Slider or other codes in pubg not working in two versions??? What I missed??!
  18. PUBGTaiwanese clothes

    Login is 10 minutes, or forced to go offline after a game is not finished. You haven't updated this for a few months. Can you update it once?
  19. 禁令十年

    被封号10年,这是什么情况 @Cz1993
  20. 禁令十分钟

    游戏里面显示数据异常,被迫下线,再登录就是禁令十分钟,这已经是第二次了,如何解决 @1993年
  21. 无法安装游戏

    重新卸载再下载,还是会发生同样的问题@ Cz1993
  22. 无法安装游戏

  23. code help .

    I want activation code I can not play Please reply !!
  24. PUBG

    Please block the problem
  25. zhe ios Certificate invalidation!!Please update!!