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Found 182 results

  1. Admin, please check my device status.
  2. Partnership agreement

    Hello .. I am the owner of an electronic store and I would like to conclude a partnership agreement with you by providing us with the Plus and Hack games apps, the most important of which is pubg for all copies, waiting for your reply. Greetings
  3. BAN

    In the Vietnamese version of the game, when I start using the menu, I get a ban and writes that I need to update the emulator settings. What should I do?

    In the Vietnamese version of the game, when I start using the menu, I get a ban and writes that I need to update the emulator settings. What should I do?
  5. I just purchased vip for 3 months but still can’t find the download links or no file receiving the code is one time use only. What should I do? please help
  6. Thank you admin CZ

    Thank you admin CZ
  7. I have tried the PUBG new vesions hack for a while, with 2 devices for the "antiban". But in 90% of the games I still get disconnected with some kind of "data error in the client" with a 10 minute ban. Are there any experts here who can help me out? what settings do i need to use to not get banned?
  8. iOS 13.3

    Hello! Tell me what to do if I have ios 13.3 and do not download applications? There is no way to roll back ios. Do I need to buy a super download? VIP and in the end did not get anything. p.s. Sorry for my English
  9. Activation key problem

    My game got crashed i deleted and install it now its working fine but my activation key is not working, i get new key yesterday it have 2 more days to expire, anyone know solution ?
  10. Banned

    Hi we are getting banned
  11. super key  does not work

    Now the super key does not work, How long do we have to wait? or at any time ?! How long do we have to wait? 👀👀 لا
  12. 22号领取的验证码还为过期,24号安装好游戏但是无法使用没过期验证码。新验证码无法领取,求帮助
  13. Super install key

    Hi when you well stack the super installer key ?
  14. SUPER KEY.

    DEAR , Link Signing Status is Revoked, and when i will install the applaction this massage (No Key? Buy it from here Cancel Done) I have code , HOW TO FIXED? (22/05/2020 18:45 GMT IPA & Direct Install Status: Signed) My device (IPHONE 11 PRO) 13.4.1 , non-Jailbreak. With Regards. @Cz1993
  15. Greetings I just bought key for the superinstall but it’s not work and when I put it in shows me that the key is already used?! Please I need you support
  16. Apple api

    Tried to install any game but it says unable to connect to Apple api with super installer
  17. I still get ban when i use hacker

    Can some one help to fix this ban please ??
  18. Super Install Key Failed

    Super Install Key failed Failed to Install error message:There is already a user has started to sign with the app, Try again some minutes later!
  19. Vng band 10m

    Band 10m vng
  20. السلام عليكم ياجماعة الخير انا امس مشترك في الموقع واشتركت في الهاك في اي بي واحاول انزل اللعبه من امس مو راضيه تنزل ولا نسخه شو السالفه بغيت حد يفيدني لو سمحتوا
  21. كيف كيف طريقة الحصول على كود تفعيل هاك ببجي علماً اني اشتركت في اي بي لمدة شهر لكن ماعرفت طريقة الحصول ع الكود ..
  22. pubg super install key error

    “There is already a user has started to sign with the app, try again later” how to fix? i spend a money. hurry up
  23. pubgsuper install key cant work

    super install key is not work. there is already user has started. why?
  24. Greetings I tried today to login in global pubg app but it keep says that “an internet connection is required to verify trust of the developer iPhone distribution: Hoola Inc , this app will blnot be available until verified “ i need your help plz
  25. Help

    When you activate the hack, take me out of the game. What should I do?