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Found 83 results

  1. Pubg mobile

    Everytime i try to using DLG code like hide grass i try search float put the code and then app auto close i try many time and dont know the problem why i cant use DLG ??
  2. I HAVE A PROBLEM @Cz1993 i have try to purchase activate key for pubg global and i have fail please give me code for this IAM VIP... please... sorry for my English i’m french. @Cz1993 activation key for pubgm is out of stock...
  3. I just bought vip and I can not download any app for vips members, somebody help me
  4. Hi everyone , when I tried to use the direct installation, I can’t seem to use the app at all. What I actually meant was that I can’t even press on the application, the application itself is a blank picture , so can anyone or any admin please assist me on this .. will appreciate it
  5. Vip buy

  6. PuBg

    My activation error, pls help me, i got key,
  7. chenge device

    i need change my active key to new device . my old device is down. now enter code to new device, out message (device not activated)
  8. UAE

    سلام عليكم شباب شحالكم ؟؟ شو الحال احين مب البارحه احاول افتح لعبة 😔
  9. I have a problem with the activation code The problem is that the code works and I can not use it
  10. About Duplicate Install

    with Cydia Impactor, I ' ve installed PUBG, but when i tried to run the game, it directly closes Anyone can help me ? @Cz1993 I have sent pm to you and gave a lot of details and feedback about ipa installation. Hope you can read it and help me to solve this problem.
  11. Pubg crash

    Hi i need help pubg every time i try to search code in DLG in game the game crash i try to renstall and i try all versions but the same when i search = crash
  12. Hey, i just bought vip for 3 months and downloaded pubg with slider. Also i followed the topic to buy my activation code. But it says my activation code is wrong? Hopefully anyone can help me?
  13. iosgg Crash Pubg

    help me enter code inside iosgg sircle box but pubg crash how to fix
  14. ارجو الرد سريع

    السلام عليكم غير قادر على تحميل ببجي المشغل تحميل الملف لكن لا يستجيب
  15. Problem with my account

    When you try to log in I see the message as in the picture
  16. Error code

    Hey sir, I have a problem with coupons code for Pubg mobil, I have get a code but when I write it, it’s write to me error code. can someone help me? this like for error you can see it. https://imgur.com/gallery/6lGt4GN Have a nice day🙂
  17. I and many people have the iphone 6s cell phone ... and we have the same problem of not showing the slider button. then I would like cz to place the version without recoil for our vips. thank you
  18. Please help when install PUBG through Cydia Error File:Installation.cpp; line: 42; what: Failed to verify code signature of /private/var/installd/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installd.staging/temp.lcGiSH/extracted/Payload/ ShadowTrackerExtra.app: Oxe8008016 (The executable was signed with invalid entitlements) Thank You!
  19. Hello, some of us can not play because we can not use xray with slider because of iphone 6, XS etc ... and using no slider is like playing a bug game lol, so please send RECOIL ONLY! Try to post the fastest please, it's not just me that I'm asking has more friends wanting @ Cz1993 I know it's annoying to keep asking things because you're busy, but we're crazy to play the new hack and give our opinion
  20. - Hi everybody - I have a few questions I want to ask for help - I have 2 Iphone devices that are Iphone 7 Plus and Iphone 8 Plus - 2 devices installed PUBG Mobile - When I buy Vip I0SGG can I use my 2 devices to use? - Can the activation code be used for 2 devices (2 devices owned by me) - Thank you !
  21. no link in vip account

    Hi, I would like to know why I can not download any link. If I already buy the vip?
  22. PUPG

    The Activity code all is valid
  23. VIP

    I just bought 6 months VIP, please check the help if you Online @Cz1993
  24. I paid Vip for 3 month but i can see link to download
  25. The wechat transaction number: 1000050301201811052520675924178 I paid 120rmb for VIP 1month. Please check you wechat. Payment : 微信