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  1. This game cannot be installed because it’s integrity could not be verified @Primo @Cz1993
  2. Doesn’t work anymore brother used direct install @Cz1993
  3. Use hack in a way where it is not obvious or extreme . People are turning on magic bullet and aim assist 15 - 20 kills every other game then complain when they get detected or banned. I have been going through the comments and no 10 year ban complaints except this 1 .
  4. 10 mins ban

    @Primo too much attitude man , @Cz1993 do something about this bum admin ‘primo’ who thinks he is god father ???? instead of helping . we seek your help instead you go off like it’s our fault. (If you bought subscription for the wrong reasons it’s your fault not ours. We warned multiple times and in different places that Pubg updates take time and that the hack might have problems from time to time. You chose not to listen - primo) I see someone asked you nicely about how long will the update take and you have attitude you for real ? one last thing update your home page stating the hack in under update till 8th September or further, and quit using your 4th grade brain to run the website @Primo
  5. Seems like a dead website now , been a month and still no reply from admins . on the contrary I got the invoice to renew the member for next month . @Cz1993 kudos ? @Primo no announcements , no replies to customers. renewal invoice has been mailed too and I have used it for a max week. I understand that the huge update is coming up but as a big website like IOsGG you guys should seriously give out announcements on time and duration . Don’t know about renewing cause nothing yet