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  1. What you mean Re-sign in progress!!? ?

    1. Primo


      Now this is crazy ?

  2. It’s been crazy here for a good period! Glad I got part of it. See y’all ❤️

  3. Don’t know if had the chance to look it up but unfortunately as we speak almost all hacks platforms are frozen. I don’t know the reasons but the certificates for apps apparently are missing. So it will come back when it’s possible to do so... ✌?
  4. The certificate has been revoked for a while now, unfortunately there’s no sign of improvement for now. When it comes back we’ll try to update everything if it’s possible.
  5. Yeah we have a lot of reports for problems of that kind right now. We trying to find an answer to it. ??
  6. Man, I’ll guess it’s because you’re not an english native speaker or something but your way of talking isn’t acceptable. You probably didn’t mean to be impolite or anything so I won’t take it bad, be careful anyway. Also Cz knows what he is doing, if he didn’t do a restock it’s for a reason. Super Install also apparently doesn’t work for now so it’s probably why. ??
  7. This problem was there almost from the start, when the hack was created. We made a topic to warn about Vip concerns, pubg is mentioned in it because it’s the most played game. If you feel like your losing your time we’re sorry, but we still consider that you’ve been warned beforehand. Anyhow improving the hack is always a goal of ours and we’ll try to make it better. ✌?