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  1. I don’t know, if it needs an update it will be updated as soon as possible of course.👌🏼 Yes I think but there’s a lot of 10 mins bans...
  2. Don’t make wrong statements. If you read Forum Announcements a warning has been made about Vip concerns. Pubg is part of it.
  3. Band 10 m

    There’s none. Ban is to be expected, as warned on the pubg thread. Use dummy accounts so your main won’t be detected is the best solution. ✌🏼
  4. Hi, Some if you might have faced it already but when you start the hack of Dream League Soccer 2019 it actually crash without any apparent reason. I’m here to explain what to do in that case. First: Turn you Wi-Fi off. And put your device on Airplane Mode. Now try and restart the game after erasing it from multitask. If it still doesn’t work, Second: Go in you settings, click on you Apple profile at the top. Then click on iCloud, scroll down and turn iCloud Drive off. You can now restart the game again. ✌🏼
  5. Just got updated, thanks for report though. It will be updated soon.👌🏼
  6. @Cz1993 Download fails !! 😌💪🏼
  7. @Cz1993Download fails!! 😌💪🏼
  8. BE CAREFUL white icon appear at the end of the download, that’s the game icon. It works. 👌🏼
  9. @Cz1993 The game crash after introduction 😌👌🏼
  10. @cobra111Here you go! Don’t know if you wanted non jailbreak specifically...
  11. Stability pretty much impossible with Pubg unfortunately, I’m waiting for infos on this part though. ✌🏼