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  1. Original company certificate? All certificate we use its original certificate, do you know we bought these certificate from others which cost much more than normal certificate? Apple doesn't allow people to install outside of appstore that why every time get revoked.
  2. You have to hold the activate button when you open the game and after you see iosgg button appear release it instantly
  3. Most games direct install are fixed now!

  4. Now fixing all games direct install link it may take 2-3 Hours.

  5. All games direct install are revoked again, we are fixing now.

  6. All games direct install link also revoked?

  7. New code and direct install link are updated. everyone now can reinstall the game and get the new code, for people who can still open the game doesnt need to reinstall.
  8. PUBG direct installation certificate was revoked just now by apple, a bit later will upload a another one. after everyone have to reinstall the game and get the new code. currently if you dont have closed the game you can still play normally.