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  1. Then there is the question all want to know: about the VIP time wasted. when the problem is solved, i will find a method to compensate everyone. 

  2. Next times signed you guys just can install the anti-revoke and then the games installed on the device will not be revoked.

    I think from next month everything will be ok.

  3. Just like tweakbox or appvalley, we are all trying to solve this problem.

    But don't be afraid, we will do our best. 💪

    1. Alzaim


      تلتيه والله هالهاك 

      4 ساعات بضبط 

      لحد ماضبطه فوني 


  4. Still waiting the new certificate for fix the direct install. :omg:

  5. sorry, we are trying to fix this problem everyday. but apple are targeting us at the moment. you can try to go to some internet point or friends home for install it maybe.
  6. you can already play now, just need to install the game with pc at the moment.
  7. we are trying to fix the the direct install asap currently you can use the pc to install for playing
  8. try install Liberity tweak or disable jailbreak can solve this problem
  9. Still working, check my profile or the first page i will post an update when its ready.