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  1. This week will release the new IOSGG Menu version

  2. Added queue system to get the best user experience, now each game can only be signed by one user at a time.
  3. Super install in maintenance for adding queue system. stay tunned will be ready in within an hour.

    after update, everyone can signing in less than 1 minutes.

  4. Because of the overload of the super install system now we are working for the queue system, will be ready in few hours.

  5. currently too many in queue for super install , when start signing do not exit safari but you can browse other page and wait 30 - 60 min.

    do not refresh or start signing again.

  6. Super install system going in tilt because of too many install request, now its fixed.

    I have received too many message about mapping so all message is igored, if you have other problem send me a message again. thanks

  7. Direct install revoke detected!

    too many people are using the super install at the moment, if its slow to install just wait later and retry!

  8. The new Super Install system v2 is up!

  9. Super install system now will be really faaaast! like signing PUBG only need less than 30 Seconds!