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  1. I can not get password from facebook linked account

  2. I reset password in email but not message back to me

  3. i registered in a facebook when i got the game asked me to enter my acc when i enter the acc says to me wrong

    pls help

  4. 我有買vip,傳說對決,幫忙開通ID:92BEE32-ACD4-4FD2-BAFE-37DB8BCC16E9

  5. I can not get password from facebook linked account


    1. Cuongapple


      I need a password

    2. Primo


      Use https:/ to set one 👍🏼

  6. i use facebook login iosgg and buy vip

    Download  VIP Non-Jailbreak Hacks IPA

    but i can't LOGIN IOSGG ACCOUNT

  7. Is you dead ?

  8. message me when u see this

  9. What do you mean by ‘Unlimited Stars’? @cz1993
  10. Jurassic Survival [Unreleased Items List]

    It's pretty easy to be noticed honestly. Their icon is invisible when you want to place them or if you tried to place them there will be no item or building will pop-up. It won't cause your game save to crash, but it's good to take caution.
  11. If I’m inactive for more than 7 days, it’s either I’m dead or dead...