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  1. HOW TO FIX CYDIA IMPACTOR STUCK ON PREFLIGHTINGAPPLICATION WHAT DOES PREFLIGHTINGAPPLICATION ERROR MEAN? As you may know, Cydia Impactor throws different errors in different scenarios. Each of these errors means there’s some issue either with your iOS device, your computer, or your Apple account. Getting stuck on PreflightingApplication means you are trying to install an incompatible application. You can also get it if you have an incompatible device. For example, if you try to install Pangu jailbreak on a 32-bit device, you will get this error. METHOD 1 – REBOOT YOUR DEVICE Firstly, restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and then proceed with the sideload process. While this is not a proper fix, rebooting usually solves most of the errors. METHOD 2 – DELETE APP ID Open Impactor and go to the Xcode tab. Now select the Delete App ID option. If it still doesn’t work, try removing the app from your iOS device (in case it’s already installed). Once you have done that, try sideloading it again. METHOD 3 – DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT IPA If you think you have the incorrect IPA file, try another source. Sometimes you might end up downloading the older or obsolete versions of IPA files. This is bound to cause issues with newer devices and firmware versions. Or it might be the IPA itself. Wait for the uploader to fix it.
  2. What do you mean by ‘Unlimited Stars’? @cz1993
  3. Jurassic Survival [Unreleased Items List]

    It's pretty easy to be noticed honestly. Their icon is invisible when you want to place them or if you tried to place them there will be no item or building will pop-up. It won't cause your game save to crash, but it's good to take caution.
  4. I’ll be out for days again. As always, Make sure that you are not breaking any rules. 

  5. Requesting Game Hacks

    Incorrect format for requesting hacks. Topic Locked.
  6. [SaveGame] Last Day On Earth Survival v1.6 +9

    Topic will be locked unless the TA ( Topic Author ) wants to update it and feel free to message me if you want to update it. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the hack. Never tried playing this type of game before. I’ll try.
  8. None of those features doesn’t work for me. I still get damage and not 1 hit kill
  9. Thank you very much. Are those features are possible with Kritika? If not, It's alright.
  10. I know right? It's been in early access in a long time and nothing major has been released. Basically they only care is releasing limited items on store to earn money. lol
  11. Thanks to everyone we have reached 100,000 members now! Starting today until 31/01/2018 for every new VIP Subscription. There will be a discount on the future regarding renewal of subscription worth $5. That discount will last forever. That means, everytime you renew your subscription, there will be a 5$ discount. This applies on all any type of subscription; 3 Months, 2 Months or A Month. If the discount didn't applied or worked, please message @cz1993 because he handles everything and if you have questions regarding this, please don't hesitate! Thanks!
  12. It seems that it doesn't work to me, I tried to install and there's no app in my phone. Message me if you want this topic to be unlocked. Thanks.
  13. Are you sure it's for non-jailbroken? Your title is misleading. I'll try this out and i'll check if it's for non-jb and if not, i'll move this topic to JB. Thanks anyways.
  14. Do not message me regarding on activating your account, You’ll be ignored. It also proves that you really didn’t read the post I made about it. 

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      They can’t waste a minute to read my post, sometimes I want to ban them. Good thing I’m always in the good mood and they only get ignored.

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      Must be ignored

  15. Finally, I’m back. That took me a week. Ready to punish some rule-breakers :Doge19:

  16. I’ll be away for days, I’ll still pay a visit. Make sure to behave ;)