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Found 29 results

  1. Last Day On Earth unlimited coin

    I noticed all gamers here are looking for a way to get unlimited coin on Last Day On Earth(LDOE) but it doesn’t work the normal way it should, but I found a way out to get those coin you so want thanks to @cz1993 dope hack. Step 1: get any magazine you can get that is listed out - Pine Forest Magazine - Mountain Region Magazine - Oak Forest Magazine Step 2: get all the skills needed then after that keep using the magazine to get free coin as you want. I think this can help with the unlimited problem, happy gaming.
  2. A lot of new members arrive on the site without really knowing what to do. And the question which comes most frequently is « how do I get activation? » this question comes out because some games that they downloaded tell them that they are not ‘active’ on the site. 1-So first of all to get rid of that problem you need an account.(I swear) 2-Then you have to comment on the hack thread of the game you want activation on. However if you don’t comment you shouldn’t be able to download the game, except if you downloaded it from a tierce app. If this is your case just do the second step. Then there’s two possibilities: •If you already opened the app before; 3- Close the game from your background and reopen it, login with your ‘validated’ account and enjoy the game! •If you never opened it before; 3*- Open the game, login and enjoy (if you have struggle to connect do step 3 ☝🏼) Good games 🤙🏼.
  3. 1. Revoke Certificates Cydia Impactor has an option that allows you to revoke all the certificates of apps that were installed with your Apple ID. It could be that you’ve sideloaded too many apps with Cydia Impactor which is why there are some issues with the certificates of your Apple ID. Here’s how to revoke the certificates: Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer. Step 2: Open Cydia Impactor. Step 3: Click on the Xcode menu, then choose Revoke Certificates. 2. Use an App-Specific Password If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, then you have to use an app-specific password when Cydia Impactor prompts for your account’s password. Generating an app-specific password is quite easy and can be done from Apple’s website. Step 1: Open this page in Safari or any other browser and sign in to your Apple ID account. Step 2: Scroll down to the Security section and click on the Edit button. Step 3: In this section, find the “APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS” part and then click on Generate Password. Step 4: Enter a name for the password, which could be anything like “YaluJailbreak” and then click on the Create button. Step 5: Copy the password that is generated.Step 6: Now, when Cydia Impactor asks you to enter your Apple ID password, use the password generated in the last step. Every time you want to install an app via Cydia Impactor, you have to enter this app-specific password rather than your account password. If this method doesn’t work for you, then an alternative solution would be to temporarily disable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, install your preferred IPA file via Cydia Impactor, and then turn back on two-factor authentication. 3. Use the ‘Install Package’ Option Many users have reported that this method also helps to fix the ‘provision.cpp:168’ error. Rather than dragging and dropping the IPA file onto Cydia Impactor, you use an alternative option called ‘Install Package’ that will do the work. Here’s how: Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer. Step 2: Open Cydia Impactor. Step 3: Click on the Device menu, then choose Install Package 4. Use a New Apple ID It could be that your Apple ID has issues which is why Cydia Impactor is unable to generate certificates for your account to sideload the unsigned IPA files. You can bypass this issue by creating a fresh new Apple ID account which usually solves the problem. 5. Use a Different Computer If none of the above methods worked, then you should try using Cydia Impactor on a different computer. Maybe your current computer has internet connection issues or some softwares are conflicting with Cydia Impactor, therefore download Cydia Impactor on a different computer and then try installing your preferred IPA file using that computer. These are some of the solutions that should hopefully help you fix the ‘provision.cpp: 168’ error that you get in Cydia Impactor.
  4. Install Themes, Tweaks, Appsync & Get in-app purchases free ios 11 - 11.1.2 Cydia jailbreak 1. Go to cydia and add source: 2. After source added scroll down till you see "support ios 11" Tab. 3. There you will have many more tweaks compatible with ios 11. Dont forget to give a ?
  5. This jailbreak is for iphone , iPad only running ios 11 - 11.1.2 on 64 bit devices! 1. Simply download the new version of Electra ipa from: 2. Using Cydia impactor drag the ipa to device, sign in your apple id. 3. After you've get Electra icon on your iphone, you need to trust the app in profile and device management! 4. Note: you might need to manually reboot your device if it gets stuck! Usually for the first or second time! There you go you have iphone x jailbreak for ios 11. if you enjoyed it give me " reaction ?", Thanks Hack Requirements: – Cydia Impactor. ( How to use? ) – This IPA only works on x64 or ARM64 iDevices
  6. Apple blocked Cydia Impactor, yet Saurik was able to bypass it and release an update. However, users are now facing another error called “progress.hpp:87 ” while signing IPA files. What does “progress.hpp:87” error signify? Signing issues with Cydia Impactor continue to plague users with no end in sight. After yesterday’s “maxQuantity error” fiasco, users are now reporting another weird error with the latest update (0.9.44). The progress.hpp:87 error doesn’t relate to anything whatsoever and the short error message doesn’t help things either. Here’s what this error message looks like. progress.hpp:87 _assert(false) According to me, it indicates an issue with the pre-existing certificates on your device. Once you revoke them, you can start signing IPA files without errors or glitches. However, the latest version of Cydia Impactor doesn’t revoke certificates properly. To fix this issue, you can grab the older version and then use it for certificate revocation. Fixing progress.hpp:87 error in Cydia Impactor Step 1 Download the older version of Cydia Impactor (0.9.43) . Step 2 Extract its contents to any location on your computer and launch it. I recommend transferring its contents to a folder on your desktop for quick access later. Step 3 Connect your iOS device to your computer and ensure the tool recognizes it. Step 4 Click on XCode and then press the Revoke Certificates button. Step 5 Go back to the latest version of Impactor (0.9.44) and sideload the required IPA file with it. This fix works works on all devices and firmware versions. If you are still facing issues while signing, just leave a comment below. Hopefully, Saurik will release an update that will fix the broken “revoke certificates” option. Saurik is currently down with fever and, hence, this update could take a while before we get our hands on it. Cydia Impactor (0.9.43) Download Link:
  7. LDoE Base Hack

    Hello, There is a hack featuring in @cz1993 LDoE hack. Where you can build almost anywhere and or you can destroy players bases. This hack only works for IOSGG, LDoE hack. Step 1: Craft any placeable item (e.g Campfire). Step 1.5: Now go to your desired place (e.g NPC base) Step 2: Tap on the placeable item, you've chosen. And tap on "Use" at the bottom. Step 3: You will then get to the "Building" and "Furniture" menu. Click on "Building" to destroy or build on their base. Step 4: Now you can get into raid mission that have level 4 walls, which you can destroy. Example of how you can use this glitch for. This can't be done inside Bunker Alpha Vault door. If you enjoyed this or have any question please leave a comment down below.
  8. How to install IPA/Find Download

    VIDEO UPDATED | Cydia Impactor Here: Temp working Instruction video showing you where to find the download and how to install IPA's | How To Make App Specific Password Read Here: / ITUNES MUST BE INSTALLED
  9. Note: because Saurik hasnt updated Cydia to ios 11 you can't install any tweaks YET!! Only SSH enable/ disable auto updates! Turn off 2 step authentication on your device if you have it on! After signing it Enable it! [Hidden Content] WARNING: Know what you doing!! Other features will be coming in the feature! Dont forget to hit that ?, Thanks!
  10. This is for ios 10.3.3 all 32bit devices, iphone 5 and 5c, ipad 4. No Computer [Hidden Content] Don't forget to press that ? Button! Thanks!
  11. This method is for Filza Jailed, if you dont want to reboot device. Open the link in safari: [Hidden Content] Press the Like Button if you have Enjoyed it!
  12. NOTE :YOU WILL REQUIRE TWO IPHONES TO DO THIS.Just follow the steps carefully: [Hidden Content] Press the Like button if you have enjoyed it!
  13. How to Bypass NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE Jailbreak Check if you use the jailbroken device and when you open the game you will see that.. so how to Bypass this error? its easy just follow the step: [Hidden Content]
  14. Hacked App: Modern Combat Versus iTunes Link: Requirements: reply / react for hidden content [Hidden Content]
  16. If you get banned in DomiNation for Non- Jailbreak users 1. Uninstall the IPA 2. Log out of Game Center 3. Change APPLE ID 4. Reinstall the IPA again 5. Done Thank me if i helped
  17. You will need access to the RAW file system on your phone. You can do this via several methods: - Install OpenSSH and SSH into your phone from a computer - iFunBox - File or any other app that gives you FULL file system access to the device. Go to the following path /private/var/mobile/Library/GameKit you can also get there via User -> Library -> GameKit Back up your entire GameKit directory to your local PC. Should only take a few seconds. (this is easy if you are using SSH or iFunBox). This backup is just in case something really goes wrong. You’ll probably wind up deleting these backup folders once you get your phone working. on your phone, delete any loose files inside the root of the GameKit directory. here is what mine looked like: Next, go inside the “DelayedRequests” folder. I had 65 folders (and many other files and within each of these). Mine looked like this: select all those folders inside “DelayedRequests” and delete them all. Now your entire “GameKit” folder should contain only the “DelayedRequests” folder and nothing else at all (just an empty folder and one directory, no other files). At this point I reset my iPhone HOME+POWER and let it reboot. After reboot, logged in and went to the GameCenter app. WORKS! Went to the GameCenter Settings app – WORKS! Launched all the games above – WORKS!
  18. HOW TO FIX CYDIA IMPACTOR STUCK ON PREFLIGHTINGAPPLICATION WHAT DOES PREFLIGHTINGAPPLICATION ERROR MEAN? As you may know, Cydia Impactor throws different errors in different scenarios. Each of these errors means there’s some issue either with your iOS device, your computer, or your Apple account. Getting stuck on PreflightingApplication means you are trying to install an incompatible application. You can also get it if you have an incompatible device. For example, if you try to install Pangu jailbreak on a 32-bit device, you will get this error. METHOD 1 – REBOOT YOUR DEVICE Firstly, restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and then proceed with the sideload process. While this is not a proper fix, rebooting usually solves most of the errors. METHOD 2 – DELETE APP ID Open Impactor and go to the Xcode tab. Now select the Delete App ID option. If it still doesn’t work, try removing the app from your iOS device (in case it’s already installed). Once you have done that, try sideloading it again. METHOD 3 – DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT IPA If you think you have the incorrect IPA file, try another source. Sometimes you might end up downloading the older or obsolete versions of IPA files. This is bound to cause issues with newer devices and firmware versions. Or it might be the IPA itself. Wait for the uploader to fix it.
  19. Peace Gamers, here's a tut how to Setup a Rat for Android to Monitor it What you Need: - Laptop/Computer, Java need's to be installed - Your Antivirus and your firewall must be turned off. - A wireless router with Internet Connection. - An Andriod phone to deploy the client app. In addition you will need: Androrat setup & Androrat Apk Binder: Router Port forwarding client [Hidden Content] I'm not responsible for any unlawful activities. Peace out and smash that like Button homies.. **** that android lol
  20. UNRELEASED ITEM LIST Metal Pipe Hand Pump Horse Saddle Repair Station Zombie Truck Chemisty Station Explosive Material Electric Generator Mi-24 Helicopter Radio Tower Clan Banner Land Mine Electronics Lab Safe C-4 Explosive Trip Trap Wire Bear Trap Home Brewery Trunk Torture Device Fishing Rod
  21. Unistall .DEB hack

    How do I uninstall a .deb cheat? Uninstalling a .deb cheat is the same procedure as when you're uninstalling a Cydia tweak which you may have. Simply go to Cydia -> Installed -> Recent and find the cheat's name then tap on 'Modify' then 'Remove' from the top-right corner.
  22. Peace Gamers, this tut show's how to hack the wep of a Wireless Network using backtrack. What you need: Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, any OS) Wireless card that supports promiscuous mode (Most do, if yours isn't compatible you can buy one that is at any computer store. Optional: Flash drive or blank DVD Backtrack5 [Hidden Content] NOTES: Usually, for this to work flawlessly, someone has to be currently using the internet on the network you're trying to hack, or else it could take awhile for you to get enough packets to crack the WEP. It is illegal to steal wireless internet. Only try this on your own network. This guide is for educational purposes only, as with everything that i Post lol. Use at your own risk and feel free to hit that like Button.
  23. Peace Gamers, i will Show, how to Crack some Accounts At yourself. Things you Need: -Sentry MBA -Config File -Combo File -Fresh Proxies [Hidden Content] Enjoy n Peace out! When you're high enough, hit that like Button lol.
  24. I want to Share you a new Solution to get spotify Premium for free on iOS 9&10. i think this is the best hack outhere, it removes ads unlocks skips and adds extrem Quality. Hack Features: No Ads High Quality Unlimited skipsRequirements: iDevice iOS 9 Follow These steps: [Hidden Content] When you feel free you can hit that like Button :-)Credits to:Julio Verne