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  1. Antennas?

    You should Check "Tutorial"
  2. Pubg Mobile 0.10.1 The safest antenna code DLG


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  4. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

    You should send me number.I'il send you a photo of my rankings.
  5. Cz  will come soon and everything will be alright , you should wait a bit. :smilee:

  6. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

    You should don't talk the free
  7. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

    I have 1 Ace 1 Conqueror account :) problem is you
  8. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

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  9. Hi captain ??‍♂️ ..

    did you know about a new version for SVIP release? 

    When ?