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  1. @Toomy000I did warned cz when v4 release about the 10mins banned problem ??‍♂️
  2. @Cz1993 Remember you used to give us proxy to log in while playing PUBG? It was lesser banned and detected! You think there a possible chance to use that method again?
  3. I think personally if you could “Slider + No recoil ONLY” X-ray will cause open freely at trees and rock lead to report banned! @Cz1993 please check the 10mins banned
  4. Magic ra dao do! Test antenna va xoa co la ok. Report la 10p lien. Minh dang Kiem host cho jb
  5. @Cz1993got someone with 10mins constantly . I’ll check mine now but I think you should have a look into it
  6. @Cz1993 before all the revoked started, the hack had a problem with peoples kept getting the 10mins banned. You posted that your looking into it, did it get resolve?
  7. Guys stop complaining and just wait for Cz! Are you going to die without PUBG hack?
  8. Not all VIP members are crying ok! Just because your SVIP and calling us VIP chicken head? What an cyber bully!
  9. Please reply my message. I’m Vietnamese too and can I have his info