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Found 143 results

  1. iGG

    Why there isn’t any iGG codes on this forums?
  2. Hello administrator, my account has been stolen. The password has been changed. The verified e-mail address has also been changed. I can only log in here via Facebook link. Please help me get my account permission and password. Thank you.
  3. Cydia broken ?

    So I had cydia and I tried installing LDOE .DEB hacks and after it said something with mainters and i didn’t know what to do so I looked it up on YouTube and it said it was en error that I had to unjailbreak and jailbreak again so fix this error and I did and I’m jailbroke right now but non of my tweaks are working cydia is but nothing is working and in the Electra app I have tweaks enabled can I please get help message me thru comments or thru PM here or thru discord my discord is : imodwbu#6923
  4. Mobile legend

    I make subscribe in VIP , but how I can used to get the hack link for mobile legend
  5. Important question

    Hi im new here and I bought VIP 5 minutes ago. Just a question regarding the arena of valor US server.. is it working properly? Ive bought vip solely for that mod only. Thank you!
  6. i use facebook login iosgg and buy vip Download VIP Non-Jailbreak Hacks IPA but i can't LOGIN IOSGG ACCOUNT
  7. Creating multiple apple id

    Hello. Is there anyone know how to create multiple apple id in one IOS Device? i have a jailbroken and non - jailbroken device right now.
  8. Never received a letter I sent a letter and waited for 50 minutes and did not receive the letter.
  9. No menu in PUBG Chinese

    I can’t see the menu in PUBG Chinese version when I install the .deb file and using the code
  10. Pubg jailbreak

    How do I install the .deb file into pubg so I get the menu?
  11. Last day on earth hack

    Is the deb hack working wity electra ? I installed but nothing show up
  12. Please help

    绝地求生刺激战场,What is a monthly card?What does a monthly card do? How do you use it after buying?
  13. Domination

    cz there are new hack for this game yet!! we was waitting for u too long . please help
  14. Multiple versions

    There are two versions installed, or expired version of how to solve
  15. IOS11

    Does the current jailbreak plugin have any effect on the ios11 version? I always crash because I use the jailbreak plugin
  16. Lift deb

    How can I remove the installed deb plugin
  17. I need to add Garena ROV Thailand (ios) to happychick. If anyone can or know how to do it please tell me. Thx
  18. so im currently trying to download the game pubg 4.0.3619 for the nonjailbreak and when ima bout to download the game i select it and it brings me too the page and says error 404 what do i do?
  19. 非jb

    Can non-jb devices display plug-in menus?
  20. DomiNations hack

    Stuck on tutorial where it keeps asking me to clear the forest, theres a network connection error when i click on it, unable to connect with the server. Check your internet connection and try again. Player ID : 1234567 ....
  21. Pubg cant find menu

    Hi guys The tip on the login screen says "tap with 3 fingers to show menu" but it doesnt work for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks!
  22. LDOE Free store do not work

    i have some question about LDOE Free store, it is not work for me, all the time it ask about my password in itunes than say "oops some thing wrong occured... " i do not know what to do. any idea? i have one iphone 6 without jailbreak.
  23. one of my devices got banned

    According to this post, i decided to buy the subscription while I have 3 devices in total. My another device has been banned. I have 3 devices. 1. iphone 8plus no jailbreak my new iphone that i usually use it to play when i'm outside 2. iphone 6 jailbroken my potato iphone that i usually use it to play alt-game and let it auto repeat to grind my account, such as tap sonic 3. ipad9.7 no jailbreak. my new ipad that i use it to play high performance/ big screen game when i'm at my room And now my ipad is getting banned from this website, but other devices still works well, how to fix this problem?, my ipad and my pc also can't access the website Update: I think moderator has reviewed my situation and unbanned me. I appreciate your help, thank you.
  24. Is it possible to hack Bleach Brave Souls' spirit orb count?
  25. iOS 11.2-2.5 jailbreak

    When is anyone going to make a jailbreak for iOS 11.2 - 2.5? (I don’t want to use my computer anymore)