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Found 286 results

  1. Dlg pubg a

    we need the pubg cheat engine please😥 @[email protected]
  2. Pubg hack for iphone

    Hi , i buy the vip hack and download that to my iphone but i dont know how run the hack with any app? where i found that app i dont see any videos can help me
  3. .deb file not showing up

    ? Do I need to have the game installed?
  4. DLG code

    Hi guys, can someone give me Antenna code for DLG plz
  5. Pubg

    How can i solve the crash in game ?
  6. direct install

    Hello, how can i fix direct install? It’s not working on my iPhone. Thanks!
  7. السلام عليكم بخصوص اشتراك svip اشترك شهر ٥ ولين الحين ماسترجع اموالي يبدو انه هناك نصب وحتيال خاطبت الشتيكي قال لي راجع البنك سينزل في حسابك تقريبا شهرين ولا نزل شي في الحساب وخاطبت التشيكي يسترجع اشتراكي ولا استرجع شي عمومآ ياشباب الظالم له يومه
  8. Hi guys. I paid full amount for the svip yesterday.and I did message @Cz1993 order number. Can I get my svip now.plz!?
  9. Question about SVIP

    I was thinking about upgrading to SVIP, but I m not sure yet. do SVIPS have a cheat that is safe and works all the time ?

    Hello, So I downloaded two games here which are NARUTO and BLEACH game. So it asked me to sign in with my iOSGG account but when I input my acc details and presses the Login button, it brings me to my iOS screen. I’ve tried it with the two downloaded games and it still the same. Am I doing it wrong or there’s something wrong?
  11. Divice not activated

    Helme divice not activated sorry no speek inglish
  12. installation problems

    I can not install hack pubg help :(
  13. Is the cheat still safe ?

    I played for 2 days using the pubg cheat but it seems that it is detected now, I got10 min ban and after I got 2 hrs, will it be updated soon ?
  14. PuBG for ios 10.3.3

    I can't download PUBG hack for my phone iPhone 7 plus iOs 10.3.3 please check for me
  15. Wrong Activation Code

    So, as the title says, when I enter the device activation code into the yellow pop up it says Wrong Activation Code, is it just me ? Can it be fixed ?
  16. Slider

    I have no effect
  17. Hi admins is it any update regarding the PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL jailbreak version. Thanks.
  18. @Cz1993The money has been deducted from my PayPal account and my vip membership has not been activated yet. I’ve been send you PM and no revert I got. It’s been week. either activate my membership or refund the money. This is really not a way to treat customers.
  19. @Cz1993I have already send you the transaction I’d and invoice no. It’s been 12 hours already. Please activate my membership.
  20. Pubg hack is not good why

    I make four account and always i got a bannd can u tell why this hack is not good i buy with money its not for free
  21. @Cz1993 FIRST OF ALL, ANTIBAN page says " Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2" My twitter account was banned for 3days.
  22. @Cz1993 FIRST OF ALL, I renew my subscription for 1 month n I got deducted about 30.11 Australian Dollars, Additionally I was charged for 3months subscription which I have not opted for and got deducted 36.25 AUD & I got invoice to my email for 3months subscription of 24.99$ for 3months VIP Subscription. Please return my money back to my account. I opted just for month vip service but you cannot charge me for 3 months vip. But in Store>manage purchases it shows only a month vip subscription expiry please fix this ASAP.
  23. PUBG MOBILE 0.13 V2

    Brother i am following the same instrustions without proxy i activate the game then i go to proxy activate it and check anti ban page on when i reopen the game paste the activation code to activate it the game it crashes every time. Please help. @Cz1993
  24. Hi. I need a debit card payment option to renew my subscription please help @Cz1993
  25. Welcome I love to make clear something simple and I support you and interact with you and also patience, but how long, you only serve (svip) , but I (vip) I can not find anything to benefit it to now, I hope you are someone who respects everyone.