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Found 432 results

  1. New version

    How can I get the new version in the game
  2. تحديث الكود

    ابغا احدث الكود حقي لان استخدمته في نسخه من نسخ المتاجر والحين ابغا استخدمه في نسخة الموقع يعطيني غير فعال ارجو الافاده
  3. Wrong patch code!?

    I get patch code global , but dont work , wrong code , pls who tell me why :(
  4. باند باند باند

    باند ذبحني بكل قيم 10 دقايق مع الترسيت طبعا جوالين ايفون وجربت ايضا ترسيت جوال واحد كله باند ليه ليه ليه
  5. nonstop knight 2

    Nonstop knight 2 Does not support iOS system version 13.5.1 version to download this game?Nonstop knight 2 Does not support iOS system version 13.5.1 version to download this game?
  6. Pubg

    I have a month code for PUBG and he didn't talk what the problem is, please
  7. I wanna delete my account but I don’t know how.
  8. Help me with some anti ban files pls
  9. tieu banh my

    My computer played when I was shooting the simulated game for 10 minutes. Do you have a fix for this error?
  10. supper key

    hi there why is supper install out of stock i need pubg hack
  11. Why Super Install installation problem has not been resolved ?
  12. Hello

    PUBG not fixed. Anten crash game
  13. Super installe

    I bought a super install key , when I entered it it says someone else has been using it while I just bought 5 mins ago. Can you plz help me and tell me what should I do ?
  14. Hi who can i contact if my super install certificate revoked? I cannot use any app game from iosgg, these crashed when opening. Is my super install certificate got problem? How should I do?
  15. Where is admins ? No new update or post why i cant wait long time i cant see any admin
  16. How long to wait for the new version /? @Cz1993
  17. There are some stores that claim that you delivered them to the PUBG V3 version and they are there. Is that true? From the first shot Band and a very slow version!
  18. v3

    When will the V3 be released? We waited a lot
  19. Ban

    In the Vietnamese version of the game, when I start using the menu, I get a ban and writes that I need to update the emulator settings. What should I do?
  20. I just purchased vip for 3 months but still can’t find the download links or no file receiving the code is one time use only. What should I do? please help
  21. مشكله !!

    عندي مشكله بكود التفعيل اشتريت ال في اي بي شهر واحد وكود تفعيل ببجي 3 ايام فقط ليش ؟ Hello I buy VIP for one month for pubg hack my code actvion only 3 days why ?
  22. اشتركت لمدة شهر لكن وش الخطوات اللي بعد الشراء وكيف اضيف الكود وهل فيه تحميل للعبة ياريت احد يوضح لي الخطوات شاكر لكم مقدما I subscribed for a month But what are the steps after purchasing and how can I add the code? Is there a download for the game? I wish someone could explain the steps to me Thank you in advance
  23. 10 mintues ban

    how can i avoid 10 minutes ban? i have only one iphone,,,, so i cant use 2 iphone safe.
  24. Divace not Activated

    Activaction Code not working for me can any body to hel me how can i fand new Coupen thanks u Guys
  25. PUBG Activation Code error

    I finish to download but my PUBG Activation Code not workl;;; what is wrong