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Found 314 results

  1. I use pubg activation code i put the code but my internet got problems and all going and when i try again I can’t say it’s maximum one time but I didn’t get my code please help
  2. Pubg

    When i tap yellow popup code the game always close what can i do now :<
  3. بصراحه يا اخوان بعد البحث والتحري بخصوص باند عشر دقائق اتضح بأن الباند هو للتطفيش وطريقته بأن اليوزر والاي بي هو المستهدف بمعنا ان اليوزر عليه باند وليس فقط الاي بي لذلك لو تطير وتوقع ما راح تقدر تحلها الا فقط عندما تقوم بعمل ريستارت للمودوم لتغيير الاي بي ثم تعمل يوزر جديد كيف يقومون بالتطفيش اليوزر اذا جاه اكثر من 3 بلاغات على طول يتوقف عشر دقائق واليوزر مصرحله وقت باللعب لمده 30 دقيقه حتى لو ماتقتل احد لذلك انت مقيد جميع الطرق المذكوه في اليوتيوب لاتجدي نفعاً لكم المايك
  4. dawn of titan

    The game will be forcibly terminated.
  5. PUBG grass code

    Excuse me. How many people use the grass code? Is there a banned after use?
  6. dawn of titans

    Download debfile and install with filza. Enter the name and password to start the game, but end abnormally. We also changed the password. But the symptoms do not change. An icon with a splinter head appears for a moment.
  7. Hello, I have followed the instructions to the letter but the activation code does not work
  8. Help

    I’m making a hack request and I don’t no how to tag
  9. Help

    dawn of taitans. After re-downloading the deb file, the iosgg auth screen will appear in the center. Enter your name and password. An unusual logo will appear and the app will drop. There was also a strange noise when falling. Please check and correct it again.
  10. help

    The name and password cannot be entered because there is an iosgg auth entry screen at the end of the game. Is there a way to deal with it? The device is 6 plus 11.4.1.
  11. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يشرفنا الرد على إستفساراتكم هنا باللغه العربيه كمجهود شخصي We are honored to respond to your inquiries here in Arabic (personal effort)
  12. Hi I am a new subscriber in vip but when i click the like button in vip topic does not show links ? Note that I used more than one browser Is the account still inactive?
  13. Here I have some problem with the newest update. In 1.15 version everything will automatically duplicate when I try to move them in my bag or in the box and it will frequently cause crash and the whole box cannot be use(all the things stored lose), can it be modified to the original vergion that has the normal upper limit and only duplicate when I tap the split button? I still have no idea how to deal with the crashed box as I cannot take anything from it and delete it.
  14. PUBG activation code

    點擊應用優惠券激 @1993年 活碼以顯示 “您不可以使用此優惠券” 為什麼?
  15. Help

    I’m vip and I get code but they say wrong when I tap in
  16. Help

    Pubg Mobile . I keep getting terminated Data connection error. And the game kicks me out for 10 minutes. how can I fix it.
  17. Hi I purchased the vip subscription and downloaded the Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage non jailbroken hack, but after I log in to my iOSGG account to activate the hack the game comes up with an error that says there’s a security violation and crashes straight after. Can someone help please.
  18. Need help im change iphone

    Hello im buys news iPhone its normal application hack pubg and golf clash dont work i need help pleas
  19. Help

    Hello im vip im need dwl pubg mobile vip no jailbreak i dont hâve Link help pleas
  20. Hi all, just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the latest ‘Prey Day’ update? It loads in the background perfectly fine but as soon as the iosgg login comes up, I go to login and it will just shut down every time. I restarted my devices, deleted and reinstalled, and still get booted. I tested a few others games and all work perfect, it just seems only Prey Day is having issues and I’m not sure what to do. Any help appreciated.
  21. Verify my account

    I paid for vip and didn't receive the verify code
  22. I installed vip mobile legends map hack .it not showing any mod menu in game. When i go to cydia it showing with red line Installed to Ds_store. How to fix plzz
  23. Pubg

    How i can download pubg havk on iphone
  24. just bought vip membership, but i cant download vip games? links wont show up as available
  25. Band 10 m

    Dears @Primo @Cz1993 I want solution about band 10 m if there any host or any thing i want your support Plz . best regards