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Found 162 results

  1. Direct Download not working

    So when I use direct download on pretty much every game it just goes until is has the name of the game but I can’t open it or anything. Can anyone help?
  2. Android

    i need hack for android nokia 6.1plus
  3. VIP

    i just join vip but i cant open link in any post !
  4. Direct Install Problem

    When I try direct install on any game it download but the picture doesnt show up and I can’t open the app. Anyone know what’s happening?
  5. First off thanks for the hard work. I did have a question on why my game crashes instantly after launching it. I’m playing on a jail broken iPad. Jail broken with unc0ver. I use substitute and mobilesubstrate dummy package. I also tried hack with and without liberty enabled but I can’t get past the launching and crashing. Are there any recommended steps I can try? ive also removed the game and the hacks and restarted iPad. then rejailbroke it. Followed by installing game and hacks using filza and I still can’t get it to work. Any help appreciated thanks in advance
  6. I wanted to know that how many of you who are using Pubg Antiban and getting high ping. I normally get 63ms in Asia without proxy and when i use proxy i get 368ms in all servers. I am getting banned in the end of the game when there are 10-15 people left. Even if i dont kill anyone i get banned in the end of the game or sometimes when i finish the game as soon as it finishes. I want to know can it be issue due to high ping or what? I tried reinstalling the certificate and everything but still samw. Looking forward to @Cz1993 reply also.
  7. Hello i bought a vip with my google account here and now i cant verify on my mobile device because i dont have the password. When you link your google account with this forum u cant see it or change it. And now there is my question how can i change the password or change the email so it wont be linked with google anymore. i already reset the password but the message doesnt come to my gmail that is linked with this forum
  8. req 8 ball pool

    someone help me to make this cheat
  9. ios12.1.0

    Do you play a hacking game with IOS12.1.0?
  10. Clean data

    How i can clean data PUBG MOBILE frome my mobile after banned my mobile non jb
  11. Tôi cần cz99 kích hoạt nhanh mã pubg cho tui hơi bị chậm khi gởi mã
  12. I did the direct install for ldoe and I also did the cydia impacter before they had direct install and I can NEVER build for free or upgrade my house WITHOUT the building requirements! I thought the hack included free building...and I can’t! So annoyed! How can I fix this or what should I do to make this work??
  13. I have an iPhone 7 Plus ios 10.2.1 jailbroke with Meridian, after install the .deb file I couldn't open the game(it crashed instantly). Anyone know how to fix it?
  14. Activated ? /激活 ?

    Activated ? Vip has been purchased and Device ID Mail to cz1993 has been added. All that remains is waiting for activation?? 激活? 已購買vip , 且已將 Device ID Mail to @cz1993 . 剩下的只需要等待激活嗎?
  15. Need my account password

    I've logged in with my google account, but I don't remember my account password and the "Forgot password" function doesn't work. Any help?
  16. I just installed the ros hack 1.0.43 +5 and its not working . then I deleted game and started a fresh install and I just saw it was updated to version 1.0.44 10 hours ago. that must be the cause of hack not working ... any solution we can do ? or we should wait patiently for a new hack release ;)
  17. Rest password

    I cant log in iosgg thro username and passowrd i want rest password i try many time but nothing i log from from my facebook i need user and password to use vip non juilbreak thank you
  18. DomiNations

    Hi does anyone knows who the troop card glitch works? thanks
  19. Downgrading iOS 12 to 11.3.1

    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone would clarify some things for me as despite my trying to find the answer on the internet I couldn't find anything... I'm trying to downgrade my Iphone 6S iOS12 to 11.3.1 and have been trying to find ways to do it online but it seems it's either impossible or this topic hasn't been addressed yet. I found several tutorials online that were all about different versions but the same technique using my version couldn't work either due to obsolete software or perhaps they simply weren't meant to play with this version. I found tutorials for downgrading to 11.4.1 but it's still signed which is why it's easy to find but that version isn't good for me as I'm trying to jailbreak. So my question is, is there any way to downgrade from iOS 12 to 11.3.1? I'd appreciate any opinion and advice... Thank you for your time
  20. iGG

    Why there isn’t any iGG codes on this forums?
  21. Hello administrator, my account has been stolen. The password has been changed. The verified e-mail address has also been changed. I can only log in here via Facebook link. Please help me get my account permission and password. Thank you.
  22. Cydia broken ?

    So I had cydia and I tried installing LDOE .DEB hacks and after it said something with mainters and i didn’t know what to do so I looked it up on YouTube and it said it was en error that I had to unjailbreak and jailbreak again so fix this error and I did and I’m jailbroke right now but non of my tweaks are working cydia is but nothing is working and in the Electra app I have tweaks enabled can I please get help message me thru comments or thru PM here or thru discord my discord is : imodwbu#6923
  23. Mobile legend

    I make subscribe in VIP , but how I can used to get the hack link for mobile legend
  24. Important question

    Hi im new here and I bought VIP 5 minutes ago. Just a question regarding the arena of valor US server.. is it working properly? Ive bought vip solely for that mod only. Thank you!
  25. i use facebook login iosgg and buy vip Download VIP Non-Jailbreak Hacks IPA but i can't LOGIN IOSGG ACCOUNT