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Found 181 results

  1. guys please help my pubg app locked my account me guest delete pubg and reinstall but lose account guest please help fix bypass http://up.h4kurd.com/files/5c644eef41964.png but no lose guest account
  2. Code pubg issues

    Hello my dear I have pubg code put when I inter the code and click active it’s wrong code come out !!
  3. verifying application error

    hello, ive gotten the forward assault VIP hack, but it wont install on my phone for some reason. verifying application won't complete. ive tried pretty much anything. please help, i spent 20$ i cant let go to waste on VIP
  4. 8 pool hck

    Hey cz can you Update 8 pool? If you have time?
  5. Vip Subs

    Hello everyone I bought a monthly vip membership but can not see VIP threads why?
  6. Hi admin please chẹc my acc. I dont have get link download this topic : pubg 0.10.5
  7. Trouble downloading games

    Whenever I try downloading any game it says, “To access this site, you need to log in to this are on ioswar.com(or another website):443” and gives me a space for username and password and I was wonder what exactly I’m supposed to do there.
  8. Why should we buy Svip?

    ...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................... Hello to everyone! Everybody's talking in the last days. So, what is this Svip? Why should we buy Svip? If you want to buy Svip,read this article. Features: Firstly ; [Hidden Content] Credits: -iOsGG.com
  9. Pubg

    I paid Vip But cant use now cuz need code What should i do?
  10. Code ?

    Hi.. I subscribe now.. where i find the code ?
  11. How to setting password?

    I login with google account! I only have display name. I don’t have password too login some games. How to setting my password? thx all
  12. Hi my brothers, I need a NETFLIX account. Where can we find this?
  13. I have tried several times to install Mobile Legends direct download. But it stays Gray forever. Anyone please help? PS i have tried installing the following app. Still no fix
  14. Can anyone tell me the way to disable X-ray slider of pubg VN by VNG studio? Thank all.
  15. how to active device

    after download game how to activate device? code ?
  16. App revoked?

    Will every app in iosgg will get revoked by apple?
  17. Vip members

    The vip payment is using US$ calculate ?
  18. Pubg install

    Hi i try to install pubg 9.5 form VIP in my iphone but has not been installed used cydia impactor and ifunbox iphone 7 plus no jailbreak Whats mean Verifying Application its two time came to me when I try and stop here long time...!!!! please help me thanks
  19. Cydia Imapctor

    Does anyone if the Garena Free Fire non jailbreak ipa hack is compatible with XS Max because I have tried cydia impactor 2 times now to install the ipa and it gets stuck on loading assets bundle .res
  20. Direct Download not working

    So when I use direct download on pretty much every game it just goes until is has the name of the game but I can’t open it or anything. Can anyone help?
  21. Android

    i need hack for android nokia 6.1plus
  22. VIP

    i just join vip but i cant open link in any post !
  23. Direct Install Problem

    When I try direct install on any game it download but the picture doesnt show up and I can’t open the app. Anyone know what’s happening?
  24. First off thanks for the hard work. I did have a question on why my game crashes instantly after launching it. I’m playing on a jail broken iPad. Jail broken with unc0ver. I use substitute and mobilesubstrate dummy package. I also tried hack with and without liberty enabled but I can’t get past the launching and crashing. Are there any recommended steps I can try? ive also removed the game and the hacks and restarted iPad. then rejailbroke it. Followed by installing game and hacks using filza and I still can’t get it to work. Any help appreciated thanks in advance
  25. I wanted to know that how many of you who are using Pubg Antiban and getting high ping. I normally get 63ms in Asia without proxy and when i use proxy i get 368ms in all servers. I am getting banned in the end of the game when there are 10-15 people left. Even if i dont kill anyone i get banned in the end of the game or sometimes when i finish the game as soon as it finishes. I want to know can it be issue due to high ping or what? I tried reinstalling the certificate and everything but still samw. Looking forward to @Cz1993 reply also.