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Found 220 results

  1. Del

    Del del
  2. I’ve seen many Chinese people on we chat and whatsapp who sell cheap in game items like 100$ worth of clash of clans gems for 50$. how are they able to do this? How can they sell cheaper when there are no hacks for them? how does this work? They refund ? They... what is the method ?
  3. Hello I got error wrong activation code I try 2 licenses but still wrong and solution. I need to active for global version.
  4. Any way to run pubg on JB device??

    Hello there! Any way to run pubg on JB device??
  5. Any idea to remove an enterprise profile from an ipa and sign it with cydia impactor?
  6. Display name

    Can i change my display name account ?
  7. I have a problem in the game pubg
  8. I got activation key, that key could not activate in yellow pop up in PuBg 11.5 pls help me
  9. Help

    Ok the Last Day On Earth game the hack is for version 1.11.9. And the real version is 1.11.10. And I finally got my message tab to work. But I can’t go to section 7. It says. Access denied update the game. Can someone help.
  10. Antennas?

    @CaptainVedatHelp Me Is there an antenna code that I do not have to have the gun in my hand or be running?
  11. Hello, I recently had to purchase the ViP and came to find out that the games are not updated? Is that something I should worry about or am I just being paranoid? not trying to be rude or rushing you
  12. Help with my subscription

    Can somebody from IOSGG help me with my subscription and others problems that I have PLEASE. I purchased A gift card and never receive the email to redeem the code, also I buy a 1 month VIP subscription on March 25 and the subscription canceled I don't know why on march 31, then I buy a new one and then also canceled today April 1. I don`t know why my subscription is being canceled. Now I have 4 charges on my paypal account for 1 month VIP subscription. PLEASE HELP ME
  13. Payment error

    Hi guys.. i want to buy VIP with kredit card. But i cant. i get such an error "Request failed with status code 422" someone enlighten me on this ? Thanks.
  14. pubg

    Please watch the video and fix the problem
  15. Not activating pubg

    Yesterday i buy activation code. yesterday working but today not working please fix my problem. my activation code is : ZJZ2wtAyqKD86k0FIz
  16. Mr

    I’m trying to get new code for pubg mobile but lcant take it free by free code
  17. Subscription

    Good morning you will be compensat in the subscription ? because the subscription is only for the pubg And how long it is expected to finish ? 💔
  18. Cheat list for SVIP?

    I was wondering what cheats are available in the SVIP section, I am looking for arena of valor, lienquan and rov chests. If they are available there let me know please
  19. Problem

    The device not working
  20. pubg active crash

    when i loading and put "iOsGG.com", PUBG crash when loading "please wait... Verity your device.."; then the application is completely exited I tried deleting the reset many times, but still got it how to fix P/s: ios 12.0 jailbreak
  21. Device not activated

    Hello , the hack was working good but today when i open the game i got this massege: code expired- device not activated
  22. I have problems

    I have the iPhone 7 Plus 12.1.4 v and I could not download pubg
  23. Hello , i make 2 accounts and I bought the vip on them , in one device the game got install and when i put the yellow pop iosgg.com it keep saying please wait for verified and i keep waiting for 20mins and nothing happens, on my other device i use the easy installation but I can’t open the game the icon not showing help please.