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Found 269 results

  1. @Cz1993The money has been deducted from my PayPal account and my vip membership has not been activated yet. I’ve been send you PM and no revert I got. It’s been week. either activate my membership or refund the money. This is really not a way to treat customers.
  2. @Cz1993I have already send you the transaction I’d and invoice no. It’s been 12 hours already. Please activate my membership.
  3. Pubg hack is not good why

    I make four account and always i got a bannd can u tell why this hack is not good i buy with money its not for free
  4. @Cz1993 FIRST OF ALL, ANTIBAN page says " Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2" My twitter account was banned for 3days.
  5. @Cz1993 FIRST OF ALL, I renew my subscription for 1 month n I got deducted about 30.11 Australian Dollars, Additionally I was charged for 3months subscription which I have not opted for and got deducted 36.25 AUD & I got invoice to my email for 3months subscription of 24.99$ for 3months VIP Subscription. Please return my money back to my account. I opted just for month vip service but you cannot charge me for 3 months vip. But in Store>manage purchases it shows only a month vip subscription expiry please fix this ASAP.
  6. PUBG MOBILE 0.13 V2

    Brother i am following the same instrustions without proxy i activate the game then i go to proxy activate it and check anti ban page on when i reopen the game paste the activation code to activate it the game it crashes every time. Please help. @Cz1993
  7. Hi. I need a debit card payment option to renew my subscription please help @Cz1993
  8. Welcome I love to make clear something simple and I support you and interact with you and also patience, but how long, you only serve (svip) , but I (vip) I can not find anything to benefit it to now, I hope you are someone who respects everyone.
  9. I know you're a great developer, but the delay in updating is a big problem for you. I am a member of the Tagalram group and the number of members exceeds 2000 people .. Most of them left this site and went to other options .. They still use hackers, and we watch their talk only! Did you know that yesterday only 3 users left this site? Super and go to the other option Most members are now buying Android devices to go to the other option .. We want to continue this site and we alert you to what we see. Thank you so much .. هذا الموضوع كتب بسبب التاخير في التحديث وعدم قوة الاصدار و مغادرة اغلب اعضاء السوبر و ال في اي بي الموقع بسبب المشاكل التي تحصل بالاصدارات والتوجه الى خيارات اخرى .. لمن اراد ان يشارك فعليه احترام شخص المطور والابتعاد عن الالفاظ الغير مقبوله .. وكل شخص يشارك ياليت يحط لايك ويضغط على السهم الي يسار عنوان عشان يطلع ترند والكل يشوفه ويشاركنا الموضوع وشكراً اختكم الهنوف ..
  10. Svip

    How to subscribe to svip
  11. Games no jaelibrek

    Update game
  12. VIP

    @Cz1993 Refund or period extension Why??? Because I paid 1month but actually i using this half? or half and half Pubg Hack not activated too many days its wasted!! How about your opinion?
  13. Free fire button

    Free fire i cant see update button what happen to me?
  14. Hello @Cz1993 I meanwhile found the problem. I used another computer to reinstall pubg ipa. That includes that i needed to use another apple id which i need to activate. I dont know why but sometimes my profil revokes and i need to reinstall the game. 1. Please provide me with another activation code. 2. How can i preserve the revoke? Kind regards.
  15. Alghuwais

    I cannot active a code

    Hi i have generated the code for pubg mobile global version i used the code worked fine. Then i had to reinstall the game but again i am puting that generated code its not working i generated the code today. It says device not activated. Please help...
  17. Check code no work

    Code not working error
  18. @Cz1993 what happened to pubg activation code. Why are we not able to access or add to cart using the coupon. @Primo
  19. حل مشكلة هاك ببجي

    hack pubg vip non jailbreack ? مب شغال شو الحل لما اجي احمله يقول Unable to download App
  20. Can i get the link for new PUPG update?
  21. No PayPal SVIP

    Why isn’t there PayPal for svip purchase, only credit card, seems sketchy..... and my CC was declined...?
  22. Vip !!

    The subscription will end and we not get the hack yet ? You wrote from day or two days And you will get the hack we still waiting from 9days !! if there’s no more hack just tell to us Know better than waiting الاشتراك سينتهي ولم نحصل على الاختراق بعد؟ لقد كتبت من يوم أو يومين وستحصل على الاختراق الذي لا نزال ننتظره من 9 أيام !! إذا لم يعد هناك اختراق ، فأخبرنا بذلك نعرف أفضل من الانتظار
  23. I would like to accept my message as a complaint in iosgg.com services only because I am interested in this site and Wish the best for it .. From the beginning of the fifth season until this season in the game of PUBG was observed not to give focus by the developer responsible and interest in this game, especially for the participants of the site of this game and has proliferated many things including the delay in updating the version in the event of detection and delay in the repair of the problem of crush and the obvious distinction between the Super And the rest of the contributions and the difference between them at the time of issuance of the version and the duration of activation codes and give prompt promises of reform with the delay in their implementation and more of things if we want to Talk about it we will not finish The subject. In the end I hope to see a change for the better from your side or I will look for another competitor in hack of PUBG and I will subscribe to him.
  24. With the recent post from tencent: Dear PUBG MOBILE players, It is incredibly important to us to deliver PUBG MOBILE gameplay that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player. A very small minority of players continue to try to gain unfair advantage in the game, but even a small number of players contributes to a negative experience for all. Such acts compromise the integrity of the rules and are detrimental to the PUBG MOBILE experience. We take this issue very seriously, and are increasing our efforts to detect and promptly remove such players from the game. We have included a partial list of players who have been recently banned for 10 years because of cheating on our official page: http://t.cn/AiKMmcNf If someone is caught engaging in cheating behavior, their account receives a 10-year ban. If you suspect that a player is cheating or using an unauthorized 3rd party app to dishonestly assist their game play in a match, please use the in-game reporting system to notify us. We investigate all such reports thoroughly, and the use of the in-game reporting feature gives us a wealth of data to not only catch the player in the act, but also to detect future potential cheaters more quickly. The more data we have, the more effective our anti-cheating efforts become. We will continue to enforce stringent discipline against cheaters, to make sure you have an even and balanced playing field where you can feel confident that you have a fair chance of winning. Thank you for helping us make PUBG MOBILE a better game, and keeping PUBG MOBILE fair and fun. Thanks, The PUBG MOBILE Team are we gonna be safe? Also I’d like to thank @Cz1993for being one of the few and still working pubg mobile hack providers for iOS.
  25. Different between Svip $ vip

    Hello everyone i hope everything going great For the Pubg hack Can you tell us when u will download the New version because i want subscribers again can u tell me when it is finished ?? And what the difference between Svip vip. All members paying money only you give him new version what about us if you calculate every one paying monthly it’s perfect than Svip