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Found 336 results

  1. Loading Problem

    When i am loading in jurassic survival it loads forever until it says please check if internet is on.And my wifi is on. Answers?
  2. mazzards31

    ฉันพบปัญหาบัญชีของฉันซื้อ vip sub แบบรายเดือน แต่กับใช้ใด้แค่ 2อาทิตย์แล้ว vip sub ฉันก็หายไป มันเป็นเพราะอะไรใครก็ใด้ช่วยบอกฉนที
  3. Hello, I will flash back and crash when I activate the first code. I am a Chinese player. Is it a network problem
  4. Help PUBG map

    I have VN PUBG but I can’t download the maps why ?
  5. Crash

    Hello everyone, after I download a game in no jailbreak section with direct install, the game crash after 1 second I open it. I tried with over 10 games and nobodies of them works. Anyone can help me please ? iOS version 13.4

    As the title says, CAN ACTIVE: NO I can’t login pass by that, I bought super install and I can’t even login. Please help
  7. Call of Duty Mobile

    I got banned with this in December. Has anyone else had any issues with it? I’ve put a lot of time into my account and won’t be able to take out the identifier on my key chain if it were to happen again. Just curious on y’all’s thoughts. Not much chat about it in the forum. #fsociety
  8. Không thể nhập mã key

    Chào bạn.tôi có xoá đi tải lại bản pubg VNG nhưng khi nhập mã key không được nữa.mã key tôi mới lấy ngày hôm qua.làm ơn giúp tôi
  9. Call of Duty

    I got banned with one of the first Call of duties with sniper and radar hack for 5 years. I see that the COD hacks are free. Are they any less secure thank VIP or other? Or has there been improvements? I don’t see anyone complaining on the forums. thanks
  10. The app closing instantly

    I have downloaded LDOE and When I try to open the game it is closing instantly. Can some one tell me what I shall do?
  11. Device activation wrong?

    Could someone help me please, i bought activation code then i use it said wrong? @Cz1993
  12. I know how to use it because I have in the past, but now suddenly nothing is working. I really feel like this is unfair. Does anyone know what’s going on?
  13. Unsure of where to post this, but please add super install for Fallout Shelter! Thank you!
  14. Multiple devices

    Can I use multiple devices? I don't want to jailbreak my other device so I'll jailbreak another one so I can use a jailbreak-required game
  15. Not sure what the gestures are to close mod menus, I enabled hack and works but the mod menu stays in the middle of screen and no x to close it
  16. Download link hidden

    Hi, I'm a VIP member but when I scroll down to the download section, it says "This Hack it's for VIP members only, Buy VIP subscription here."
  17. I have a problem when opening the application, it will get me out automatically, please help me! iPhone 8 Plus iOS 13
  18. Help

    Hi I can’t see and download links in VIP section
  19. I have a problem when opening the application, it will get me out automatically, please answer quickly
  20. Super install help!

    Is there a Forum for just games and apps that have the super install feature, got my key today yet it seems pointless as I have no idea what I can even use it with! Please help
  21. Hi, How can I get unlimited coins in Last day on earth every time I use coins its degreasing.
  22. App was running well yesterday,but it is not working today which is show error ‘’ need verification by internet’’. I did it but still same,so I deleted and reinstalled. I tried to reinstall three times,but when the App download completed in my IPad Pro,it will be like gray sign and untouchable.
  23. I use pubg activation code i put the code but my internet got problems and all going and when i try again I can’t say it’s maximum one time but I didn’t get my code please help
  24. Pubg

    When i tap yellow popup code the game always close what can i do now :<
  25. بصراحه يا اخوان بعد البحث والتحري بخصوص باند عشر دقائق اتضح بأن الباند هو للتطفيش وطريقته بأن اليوزر والاي بي هو المستهدف بمعنا ان اليوزر عليه باند وليس فقط الاي بي لذلك لو تطير وتوقع ما راح تقدر تحلها الا فقط عندما تقوم بعمل ريستارت للمودوم لتغيير الاي بي ثم تعمل يوزر جديد كيف يقومون بالتطفيش اليوزر اذا جاه اكثر من 3 بلاغات على طول يتوقف عشر دقائق واليوزر مصرحله وقت باللعب لمده 30 دقيقه حتى لو ماتقتل احد لذلك انت مقيد جميع الطرق المذكوه في اليوتيوب لاتجدي نفعاً لكم المايك