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  1. anyone knows good PuBg hack site, please suggest me, thank you 😊
  2. Great 👍🏻 and congratulations for banned code, who care? Don’t cheat innocent people, they don’t know what happened here and trusting you @Cz1993👎🏻
  3. Small drop of water 💧makes river and ocean 🌊, about //DON’T use hack//:- why not free? Why selling SVIP AND VIP ? Here you are creating confidence to consumers about your hack quality, we trust you, you know hack will detect and banned, then why you work hard, just leave it and close website, I agree with @rayphua , it’s your business, we’re the consumers and paid for hard work , not copy paste, we always hope good hack, now 18 days nothing changes, still garbage 🗑 hack is there, there are several websites giving free PuBg hack , they also label as /// don’t use hack, it will lead to banned/// so compare with iosgg labels 🏷,,,, what you say???? Free - banned money - no banned ( trusting)
  4. Me too get band 10 minutes in lobby and flight ✈️ finally uninstalled
  5. Do you know? @cz1993 feeling .. we all are like a dog 🐕, how many times bonded dog barks doesn’t care about it, still 17 days facing this issues, leave it bro
  6. Pls update @Cz1993 waiting for 17 days nothing benefits for subscription
  7. Pls fix some issues for all players playable because of bored without main account and pls work on 13.5 pls bro @Cz1993
  8. Who can’t connect to IOSGG just change wifi to data or just close the app and restart the phone 📱, in flight mode then connect and play, I faced and solved like this method