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  1. I played more games with in 4 hours, nothing issues, I feel good but fear to use main account due to direct installation , I am not confident about certification it’s will be revoke or detect to band anytime... thanks for your job, well done bro @Cz1993
  2. HEADLINE @Cz1993 PUBG 13.0 DATA HAS BEEN CHANGED YOU ARE DISCONNECTED // VERSION V2, V3, V4 ...(FREE BAND VERSION FOR OUR VIP) Kindly follow the instructions, which is prepare more then 5 new Facebook accounts before download hack, then enjoy 😉 1st time - 10 minutes 2nd time - 2 hours 3rd time - 3 days 4th time - 2 months 5th time - 10 years (You can jump directly into 4th or 5 th option depends on your experience 👍🏻😘)
  3. Don’t use this hack, already band 5 accounts, not safe, leave, another band 3days b care
  4. i am tired 😓 of last v2,3,4 may be 5 also today or tomorrow will arise.. incase of me all are same with changes the headline, players can play just few matches and happy, they don’t know they behind risk of band @Cz1993 is most talented one but thinking 🤔 players getting band by those own mistakes Of missing his instructions, reasons actually not, band behind his some development faults, he knows but not agree on this forum, here is some reasons realized 1) proxy server -(a) it’s bring Facebook account block by unusual login from location - ( players turn off ur proxy vpn then login fb - in notifications click trust location, otherwise will block - sometimes asks identification ) (B) it’s making suddenly high ping in all PuBg servers - (data has been changed) then PuBg accounts getting band While enter into match (c) high traffic due to all vip players using only one proxy (d).....ext.... 2) unauthorized trust certificate - always he made for vip and it’s getting detected fast by PuBg team and sometimes revoked by apple too
  5. V2=v3=v4. Just changed names, v2 - band 2 accounts, v3- band 2 accounts. v4- band guest account in first match, 👍🏻 @Cz1993 don’t won’t V5 .. now players just leave him to relax and move to original PuBg version and enjoy 😉... take your time to bring good ipa hack
  6. Ha ha ha good said.... warmly welcome to band list bro,,, no need to enter battle ground, this hack helps us to band when traveling on the flight ✈️, enjoy 😉, I already lost 3 accounts with main account it has more collection including last Godzilla suits, welcome 🙏 bro welcome 😂.. I never think it’s made by @Cz1993.. might be one of his teammates... anyway enjoy with band version 👍🏻. /// i am waiting for @Cz1993‘s perfect hack, good luck////
  7. Yes me too 3 days an I think 💭 ipa version is better options, and we can use our apple id for trust.... now uninstalled hack due to un confidence about v3 anti band of @Cz1993
  8. Me too bro10 minutes next 2 hours then 3 days gone another account 10 minutes and I stopped playing and delete this hack is wasted, now installed from App Store
  9. Ok another account gone and guest account too , well done bro @Cz1993 ✅🙏👎🏻 Avoid this hack V2 100% not safe deleted and now installing from App Store
  10. Oh @Cz1993 listen 👂yesterday played more then 30 matches its was fine but today just 6 matches, first get 10 minutes, after played 2 match again got 2 hours again now after continuous 4 matches now 3 days band bro and my main account gone, please realize it, this happened in when enter into the match before land from flight //// today’s I complain 3 or 4 times, dear players avoid to play using this hack for main account, guest account will work perfect, it doesn’t matter... dears how many times you reinstall 2.4 gb and setting done ✅ perfect also nothing happened to u,
  11. @Cz1993 first 2 times get 10 minutes band, then now 2 hours band, and still not play any game, yesterday I played more then 20 games without problems, today and now facing, setting good, I feel it happened by poor network, but high speed networks too same, pls consider it,
  12. 10 minutes band in lobby and enter into the match. Wifi high speed connection, @Cz1993 pls fix it,
  13. Now I realize that’s my phone connected with another poor speed wifi connection, thats the thing happened, sorry bro