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  1. I can download pubg and it is always signed. I have also verified the application but when I click on the game I cannot enter. this has been for 2 weeks, please fix it for me
  2. I can download but not login to pubg. please edit it for me.
  3. i have band 10 years 4 acc? is this anti? i have been using iosgg dx for 5 months and sure not i have made the wrong instructions. i need the answer
  4. I used V2 and went band for 10 years? actually have anti, even though i have been on iosgg for 5 months and i understand how to use 2 phones. moreover magicbulet doesn't work. These past weeks have been disappointing
  5. pubg can't play for more than 1 month and the code is too much? Affordable always have to quit? There should at least be an announcement.