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  1. TO ALL MEMBERS please dont abuse the hack if you wanted to last for long. Also don’t share the links outside the website as such an action also contributes to the hack being detected.
  2. As I told ya I was kicked out as well last night and today because of the server issue but When I give it abit time I can reconnect to server and enable anti ban so it’s like it goes and come ( something need to be fixed ) but the most important thing that it was very safe no banned at all
  3. Played 10 games safely but then suddenly something happened to server I was knocked out from the game and then try to login again and I couldn’t connect to server this exactly happened last night and then @Cz1993 fixed it and he comments that we can connect to server 2 but now it happened again I cannot connect to server
  4. Who told ya this sh!t ......we dont have IPA we only have direct install just like you guys. STOP yelling.
  5. PUBG UNBANNED! 2019

    Lets check this out
  6. Dude trust me I think this game will be no longer applicable for hacking....they already announced that they update their anti cheat system with an app that can prevent cracked versions. Yet @Cz1993 on the other hand should release an ipa to prove wether the the game is become hard to be hacked or not. If the ipa work at least a week without being detected that means its the best option so far and if it got detected so fast that will confirms that there will be no pubg hack in the future
  7. @Cz1993 @Primo Well done and thank you for the astonishing piece of work just keep kicking Tencent's Arse
  8. @Cz1993 whenever I do it fast as in the image the game immediately crashes afterward. When I wait for 3 s The game not crashing but the slider not working. Hope you can solve this minor issue. tnx
  9. من تدخل في مالا يعنيه سمع مالا يرضيه وانت وش دخلك لاتغلط يابن الشرموطة ياجاهل
  10. Did you just copied my comment Looolz 😂😂😂 wat a shame
  11. @Cz1993 dude why u not checking your pm I mean its about money that been detecting from my account been texting many times and you never pay attention. @Primo