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  1. انت بتسال عالكود وبتقول بلعت باند !!! بطلو كذب ياسطل
  2. If the version is detected you will get ban either you used menu or not.....so antenna and magic bullet has nothing to do with ban just put in mind no recoil and grass are enough to ban if the version is detected and anti ban server is not working properly
  3. No bro not the devices but they targeted cz hack and they are now familiar with his anti ban server which stood very strong for more than 6 season we never got 10 years ban only 10 mins but if cz didn’t change his style of work this will be the end of iosgg
  4. You need to change your style of working looks like Tencent captured your way of hacking and they start detecting your work stright away after releasing. Check again 10 years ban not 10 mins
  5. Loool fastest detection ever 😂😂 10 years ban once again same issue as the previous version...There is something abnormal going on.... باند عشرة سنين نعم ياوجه البومه
  6. لاياحبيبي بدون كمبيوتر او بدون جلبريك مافي اي حل الحل ان المطور ايحدث شهادة التنزيل المباشر
  7. وتقدر تحملها عن طريق الكمبيوتر لو ماعندك جلبريك لاتقولي انت تنتظر في الشهادة هههههه انت معك شهادتك الخاصة الي هيا الابل اي دي حقك جددها لحالك كل سبعة ايام
  8. @Primo you know what made the hack detected and ban for 10 years last time because many people they combine cz hack with other hacks and this makes the original hack of cz detected and ban for 10 years cz hack was the only hack that never get 10 years ban when detected only 10 mins but now with the modification they make on the ipa file and combining with other hacks ruined everything. I wish if cz encrypted his work