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  1. I just installed the game has 4 people which will be my gift? @Cz1993
  2. hand removes this b**** (inappropriate word) f*** (inappropriate word) what you're doing is that you bat the account of one so this is not an abuse whore mother @Cz1993 this hack looks like what they are in ipabox, Advertisement etc a pure sh!t
  3. brother again I go banging in the lobby tries to put the version of ipa ho put the same as always but with better security but this ip does not work brother no @Cz1993
  4. Oh no @Cz1993 2029 oh Danm f*** (inappropriate word) oh no Yes man delete the game
  5. @Cz1993 so much baned 10min and 2 hours help me man , my client no longer support the ban and process was done as you ordered.