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  1. PUBG UNBANNED! 2019

  2. GraciasSi funciona correctamente gracias esto esperaba alguna solucion exelente. Sigan los pasos y no banean
  3. even when to wait without having concrete answers. One pay for these services, it is not only for this game but several games that are being detected. Put the batteries on you just only receive money. even when. you laugh about us
  4. again. The ban started for 10 minutes. There will be no solution to the problem
  5. what bothers than the administrator. Start at the last hour to fix the problem. of the game instead of looking for solutions and responding to the perosna who pay and need answers not taking the crazy without responding. because thanks to us this page grows. to payments. that one seizes. so answer some comment
  6. learn to occupy the hack do not occupy bullets maggi is detected only take out the grass and the trees with that have more to climb without being detected and so foolish people learn and so we will all play and occupy the hack for longer.
  7. No funciona. No carga esperar tanto para esto que mal trabajo por la mierda.
  8. Los de game guardia aún no se detecta. Esos andan dejando la mierda en el juego este hack es muy piola si lo sabes ocupar