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  1. Yeah! I never got banned in my life btw, play like a normal player would. He won’t lose sh!t. Find me another devolper that sell none-JB hacks for IOS? I’ll wait. So less or more security, no matter how many times members here bash, cry and trash talk. Y’all sticking to him. So sit down and be respectful
  2. No matter how much security he gives vip, it will get detected, vip members abuse the hack and make more obvious, while svip play responsibly, and our hack sometimes last longer than vip. So why should he pay $$ for license and expensive certificate if you guys only paying like what? 20-30/month and not playing responsibly? Plus all you guys do here is trash talk, never once got a valuable info out of this form..
  3. Stop asking noobs question and look up how to use Cydia impactor on YouTube if you’er not familiar with it. I download the game successfully and about to play
  4. If he doesn’t bother for money, then why risk it and keeps making the hack. Nothing wrong with that, he is a hard worker and use his skills to make money. If it wasn’t about the money, then we all should get free VIP lol
  5. While I agree with every word you say. I just don’t like the fact that you keep saying “don’t buy vip just for pubg” I can assure you 95% of the members are here just for pubg. Why do you think CZ keeps bothering with this stupid game? Cause that’s where all the money coming from. I’ll bet you $1000 right now, if CZ decides not do pubg hacks anymore, IOSGG will be a walking dead site. Facts..
  6. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

    Tjankssss Tjankssss Tjankssss
  7. يا العرب لا تروحوا على الترجمة مالت قوقا وتحطها هون. ترا فشلتونا، الإنجليزي كلش هههه
  8. He uploaded for SVIP 2 hours ago and the certificate got revoked again for us. You all have to wait even us. Poor @Cz1993 has to deal with apple now, not only Tencent lol
  9. Damn! The amount of ignorant people on this thread is unreal. No wonder why he doesn’t reply to everyone
  10. ياخي لا تستعمل هاك اذا ما تبي تتبند...
  11. Take my word man. No one can unbanned an account but Tencent themselves. Don’t listen to anyone that say otherwise