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  1. VIP

    How much is vip or it free ?
  2. Android

    I’m just trying to play a game lol
  3. Non-VIP PUBG Disconnection Issue

    I still very new to this sorry
  4. Tôi cần mã pubg để chơi game

    Can’t understand u sorry
  5. Cydia Imapctor

    I’m needing some help as well
  6. Direct Install Problem

    Uninstall it then try, installing it again
  7. PUPG

    Lol no clue sorry dude I’m haveing trouble as well
  8. Rest password

    Cause u did it threw Facebook probably?
  9. I was wondering the same thing ?
  10. ios12.1.0

    Yes I do
  11. no link in vip account

    Sorry I can’t help u with that one lol idk
  12. google account cant verify in app

    Check out spam box
  13. Vip members

    I believe so
  14. App revoked?

    Not shore dude ?