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  1. Uninstall and reinstall form page 1 Yes currently unavailable next updated will be worked on Yes I do :P Restart your game
  2. Don’t crafted unreleased items Page 1 black box click it Restart your game Settings general profiles and management click and verify and reopen
  3. Go to the non jailbreak area and comment on the thread This is jailbreak section Yes Please Reply/Comment On The Topic Of Which You Want To Get Activated, An Restart The Game Restart your game
  4. PUBG Hacks (Working with 0.8.0)

    This topic seems familiar hmmm
  5. Open code modify and follow code instructions Uninstall original before installing hacked
  6. Tested working iOS 11 , 32bit devices aren’t supported
  7. Don’t need jailbreak just uninstall original, and use direct install to install hacked version Login to auth and all hacks will be enabled Uninstall original game before installing hacked