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  1. So long time, I still can’t download, I don’t know how to do,
  2. Hello guys, it work for me because my phone away say cannot be install because integrity not verified, So I want purchase 1 year. And how can i pay to purchase it,
  3. Why I can’t install IPA file in my iPhone, but I install from other it work.
  4. My phone cannot install direct install, because it’s integrity not verified so it work if buy super install?
  5. It’s integrity not verified so I want purchase VIP it work for me or not?
  6. I just my old account that connects to Game Center. Now I start over. How can I get hack, if integrity not verified?
  7. I did reset my iPhone to install I did reset my iPhone to install
  8. Hi guy I cannot install IPA fill with cyndia and SideloadlySetup64.exe.... it show: Sideloadly version 0.17.3 Using IPA file: Failed to open C:/Users/Poem/AppData/Local/Temp/LDOE-iOsGG.com.ipa: open C:/Users/Poem/AppData/Local/Temp/LDOE-iOsGG.com.ipa: The system cannot find the file specified. Checking iOS version... iOS version 14.4, will mangle bundleID ERROR: Guru Meditation [email protected]:cf6247 Ipa file does not exist