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  1. @cz1993, I have downloaded the ipa , installed with impactor, updated the in game, when i open the app, I get a black screen for 15 sec. and it crashes
  2. I want to know if its safe? All of my accounts have been banned, i have one account left, literally last Chance!
  3. Install the AppStore version, and hopefully is temporary ban, happened to me for 1 hour! Dont presist on login in with the hack!
  4. No, Tencent games has a new patch that has been updated a week ago and its Banning lots of people, I was one of them, so im playing the AppStore version! Man I loved the hack, it made the game so much better!
  5. Did any one else got banned! Pubg mobile is BANNING everyone! Does your hack get detected! @cz1993