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  1. Have you started a jailbreak time? 😐

  2. شباب المطور ماعنده شي اصلا هوا اروحه مشتراك فمواقع هكر بس هالك مب عام يعني مال ربعه فالحبيب سوي نسخ ولصق بس لامطور وله شي بس خل بتاكد من مواقع مالهم بطراشها حقه بعد هني لحظه😂😂

  3. You are the best please solve the problem😍😍😍💋🌹

  4. Revoked again, thanks apple..

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    2. TheSavage90


      They do not deserve any thanks, you deserve all the thanks

    3. Sam820


      Hard work for you. But still hope to solve it as soon as possible:dizzy:

    4. Hack888


      Welcome come anytime loool😂

      Drop ipa dear ....


  5. Fourth day: coupon updated, continue play...
  6. ok, i have tested it, you can also install anti revoke first, but whether this can really prevent the revoke still untested.
  7. yes, need pubg first or it couldn't be verified