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  1. now it tells me that you can't download that you try later ????
  2. I have about an hour on safari and nothing is not intact
  3. That’s fine, but how do I buy the super key? I don’t know how to buy it, nor does it leave me general codes.?‍♀️???? please ?
  4. Really 4 days without general codes and today it expired and I still have not put the new one and I can not play until I put cz ?‍♀️ please put the new code and thus be able to download my game ?‍♀️ Please ?
  5. Good sorry to bother you so much but I try to general the code and it tells me that I exceeded the maximum of coupons but 4 days ago I don't generate one I don't know why it tells me that please can you help me in that
  6. I've tried many times and he asks me for the key but I don't know where it is to buy it
  7. try to do it but I can't let me download it someone already installed it or you still can't download