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  1. Link is working, just installed! Thanks for the hard work @Cz1993
  2. Why are people always whining super hard. Like chill guys LOL (just trolling, the download is annoying)
  3. So I played yesterday with antena and magic bullet. Nothing went wrong. Is there a wide spread ban today? I'm reading and I see a lot of bans. Does vip have a different security level than svip? Very confused and hard to keep up recently.
  4. Pubg - All magic bullet codes

    ty boss
  5. I’ve noticed with this vpn I have some problems in terms of latency when playing pubg. Anyone else?
  6. [ IGG ] PUBG codes [ Flying ] 0.11.0

    Magic bullet working on v.12?
  7. Can someone explain how to small, medium, and high aoe?
  8. what codes are you using? I'm using hide grass and antena rn. I can't seem to get aoe and magic bullet to work for me.
  9. So both AOE (head and body) codes don't work for me, unless I'm doing something wrong. Anyone have ideas? I'm copying and pasting from the iosgg icon. Also anyone trying to push ranks in squad?