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  1. I got 1 10 min ban. Right after that I got dl the official version and my rank was reset. 😭
  2. Got 10min banned today, crown 1 tier. They also rest my rank. so I'm back down to bronze....
  3. 10 min ban with the current hack means you’re getting reported. So you’re probably shooting people either in grass or in a weird position normally people can’t see. Or you’re killing people while working 1-400m while they’re prone in grass not moving. I played safe with magic bullet(when sniping) or just antena code, haven’t been banned in a while. Got banned 10 min once from report for wiping a whole squad that’s it.
  4. Majority of the 10 min bans are code abusers(mainly magic bullet) and people who get reported because they don’t play safe. If you get 10 min ban go back to official ver till the next code release or hack update.
  5. You can't have access to a computer? laptop? nothing? Currently direct install has issues. He's doing what he can. IPA is currently the safest way to play. So this is the best option rather than no hack at all. Sounds like you're just bitter and you want everyone to not enjoy it just because you can't.
  6. Yeah. Tried again using the disconnect and reconnect method. Worked for a little then banned again.
  7. Yeah don’t. Not safe rn. Got ban on game and lobby with two different accounts.