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Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack


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This is my short story 🚶🏻‍♂️

 My first subscription:
 I enjoyed the fifth season only for 10 days out of a one month subscription

 My second subscription:
 I enjoyed the first two days of the sixth season and the last week of it also out of a subscription for a month

 My third subscription:
 I only used for 5 days in season 7 now and only today my monthly subscription period ended

 But I did not ask for material compensation only I want sensory compensation and only enjoy the duration of my entire socialist but I have a question and I wish to be answered by anyone interested in the game PUBG

 Is there anyone who can advise me to renew my subscription if a new copy is available, and will I be protected well or wait for the next season or look for another alternative? 
 I am confused now and I can not make a decision and I want good advice to follow and I hope to reply with respectable and moral words away from racism and extremism 🌹

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@Cz1993  Please do not consider the words of this harassing because I have the right to comment and complaint of the service is incomplete as I am a member of the monthly and follow your work and your efforts PUBG Hack, but I hope you accept this speech with a warm welcome and give us the best of you because we are subscribed to you and thanks for your attention to this topic my friend.

 Thank you 🌹

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1 minute ago, Ghassane90 said:

ههههههه شوف كيف تلف و تدور في الكلام خليك في الموضوع تبي تشترك اجلس بالموقع ما تبيش روح لموقع تاني اما تسوي تحالف و تيجي تتكلم ، ترا هدا شغل اطفال تبي اهلاً وسهلا ما تبيش انقلع ما نبي اشكالك تجلس تتكلم وترا حطيت صوره عشان اكشف هياطك يا مهايط يالله انقلع

بضيف لك شي اقسم بالله اني مشترك وما العب بالهاك ولا دخلت العب فيه وبا العب في الالعاب وحتى الكروب ما ادخل له صورته من احد شباب وق

يالله باي باي ما برد عليك مره تانيه اعطيتك الخلاصه

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