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  1. I think we have to chill down a bit. I think @Cz1993 is updating alone this cheat so we must give him time and instead of complaining about ban we should give him the info how the ban occured. So, here s a summary of what I know so far. 1.You can get banned anytime (1 match/5matches), doesn t matter. 2. I got banned as soon as I started shooting with no recoil on. 3. People also complained about getting banned in lobbies, I got banned while in the plane so they got good detection now. I think the no recoil has to be rebuild from scratch, try a different method to bypass the anti cheat system or just REMOVE no recoil. Personally I would happily use a version of this cheat only with the no grass option on or just some kind of wallhack. Cheers to @Cz1993for working on this cheat.
  2. It says wrong username or pass when I try to log in but they are correct help please ?
  3. Dont try to cheat now bro, it s not safe and you will get banned, wait until cz updates it.
  4. Not safe, I got banned in 3rd match 1st match: 2 crashes, no ban 2nd match: 2 crashes, no ban 3rd match : I started shooting at a bot and I got banned immediately.
  5. Question about SVIP

    I was thinking about upgrading to SVIP, but I m not sure yet. do SVIPS have a cheat that is safe and works all the time ?
  6. You get banned randomly, I got banned while I was in the plane. @Cz1993
  7. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile

    Working ?
  8. Is the cheat still safe ?

    Yeah well stop using it, I just got 3 days ban now, dammit
  9. Is the cheat still safe ?

    I played for 2 days using the pubg cheat but it seems that it is detected now, I got10 min ban and after I got 2 hrs, will it be updated soon ?