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  1. แบนหมดครับ ผมก็โดน10นาที ตอนนี้โหลดเกมส์ปรกติมาเล่น เสียดายตัง
  2. 3 games so far no problem but 4th game got ban in the middle of the game for 10 min. Don’t want to risk my main account then I stop and download legit version instead. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Thank Cz but first install the app was gray color and doesn’t work. Trying the second download now.
  4. So some one please tell me the hack got detected now. Not recommended to play with this version? Thank
  5. You can look at video clips that was attached on the first page. And following that video clips.
  6. This version you need to do same thing like V4. open anti-ban and VPN and following the steps.
  7. Still banned 10 min with anti-ban V2 and I opened VPN correctly with anti-ban on. Please do something hasn’t been played yet.
  8. Finish downloading the map after start the game oops!!! 2 day banned right away.
  9. Now I managed to get the game work exactly like Cz have told but still got banned in the game. Hope V4 will fixes 10 min or 2 day banned.
  10. Really needed help? I install the anti-ban but once I check the links it said page does not exit. Did that many times still cannot open the page. Anyone would be kind to help? Thank advance