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  1. 别下载了 昨天我们svip就下载好了! 别浪费号了 封了三天订号 所以方法都试了 不稳定 no is aafe! v2 !
  2. im tested with method 123 !!no use menu 1kills ban 10m!! no is safe!!请你禁止!不让更多的无辜人测试 直到你更新解决问题为止!
  3. @Cz1993check and update pls!other no is safe! im tried all METHOD 123 ban ban ban!!omg
  4. @Cz1993uptade new version check pls! no is safe!! ban ban ban! no use menu 0kills ban10m!! wtf!
  5. @Cz1993check pls taiwan other version !! no is safe!! omg ! com on update
  6. @Cz1993Ban 10 mins anti ban not working on other versions even after the update !!!
  7. @Cz1993ban 10m! 我试了所有方法 123全试了还是封!!0杀 check pls 我也想 没激活码 cz不更新svip激活码