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  1. Okay now we fan open 11.5 but we need 12.0
  2. Fried.. Hey whats up?... You oky...? I want make same profilpicture can you say me the website:) thanks
  3. @Cz1993 bro i must go to work... I hope you open the topic in 15 minutes... At the work i can not Download and play... Its borring at the work with out pubg :) i love you thank you again Must*
  4. Pubg Anti-Ban Help/Tricks

    Lets see
  5. O okay.... I hope he do it soon with new Version.. Ios 12.2 version revoked the app
  6. Bugun guncelleme var oynama ban yersin... Ongoru birikiminden biliyorum
  7. Okay bro i waot since its be ready to Download but nothing happens... I think its other pronlem
  8. Have you idea why i can not Download with mobila data... Me on work now.. And no wifi:)