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Status Updates posted by GreenApples

  1. I’ll be out for days again. As always, Make sure that you are not breaking any rules. 

  2. Do not message me regarding on activating your account, You’ll be ignored. It also proves that you really didn’t read the post I made about it. 

    1. joekw
    2. GreenApples


      They can’t waste a minute to read my post, sometimes I want to ban them. Good thing I’m always in the good mood and they only get ignored.

    3. joekw


      Must be ignored

  3. Finally, I’m back. That took me a week. Ready to punish some rule-breakers :Doge19:

  4. I’ll be away for days, I’ll still pay a visit. Make sure to behave ;)

  5. Merry Christmas to the person who didn't helped when someone needs it. /s

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    2. joekw
    3. GreenApples


      Nothing. Its just seems weird to see your name isn’t violet after 4 months.

    4. Cz1993


      in the profile the name isnt with color..? let me fix..

  6. Merry Christmas to the person who is the most loved in this community!


    Edit: Merry Christmas!

  8. BANNED for having a 200k Profile Views.

    Definitely cheating. :P

  9. I think you should not let members ask you about something on your profile, We have Question & Answers section but instead they ask you about the problems in-game. :img1:

    1. Cz1993


      Yeah..  Maybe i need apply some restrict

    2. BenanzekiTR


      This is very nice web :Doge14:

  10. Where are you now

  11. More than you know.

  12. Killer Queen.

    1. Quez601


      Hey I want to be active