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  1. Choices: Stories you play

    Bump I’ve been trying to find a way to do it myself can’t without cz
  2. The Walking Dead: Our World By Next Games Oy v1.0.1

    I gotcha primo if I send my device can he do it?
  3. Minium iOS Version: 11.0 Price: Free Last Update: 2018-07-19T22:31:23Z iTunes URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-walking-dead-our-world/id1328359160?mt=8&uo=4 Features: - Cards don’t deplete - Move Anywhere - Increasing Items - Free Store Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Jailbreak (Support for Electra 11.3.1) Thanks!
  4. Can we get the installer LDOE to 1.8.5? Thanks for everything u do cz

  5. .deb files are not working

    Dang ok then
  6. .deb files are not working

    So can I not use the debs for a while?
  7. .deb files are not working

    On iPhone 5s iOS 11.1.2 jailbroken electra 1.0.4, using filza, I download the deb file and open it in filza then I install it and it does it’s thing after it’s done I respring but when I try to open the game it crashes after 10 sec anyone else have this problem? When I don’t install then deb It doesn’t crash when I do install the deb it causes the game to crash it’s in my cydia sources (the ldoe mod menu) but it crashes the game wtf help would be appreciated also lemme know if ur having the same problem
  8. Jailbreak for iOS 11

    We have Electra and LiberiOS but that’s it neither have Cydia. YET.