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  1. The code is wrong

    Please give some heart or thanks to the comments! If i was helpful enough... Cheers
  2. I just replied to what they were discussing about... Btwn I like your name 😂😂😂 I feel you bro... people like them and other resellers are looting people like anything else..
  3. I feel pity for you guys... But hear me out once!! We are trying to manipulate a Multi Billionaire company... They have invested heck lot of money to built super strong anti cheats... Here’s a suggestion! Stop looking for hacked versions and start playing on original. With that you won’t be scared of losing your main account where you have invested so much money so that Pubg can built anti cheat for us... Meh!! Just go away!!!
  4. The code is wrong

    Ahaha yeh this was the first password and the other u have to activate yourself.
  5. The code is wrong

    Did u see the video thoroughly?
  6. The code is wrong

    iOsGG.com this is the password for the first activation after that would be another.. for that u have to look for self activation code just follow the instructions of above given link for second one
  7. The code is wrong

    By the way which code we are discussing here? Software activation code or three days activation code.
  8. The code is wrong

    Don’t download IPA at the moment! It’s detected... You will get banned.
  9. Couldn’t be better thn seeing you making efforts for us... Hope to see this new version running in my Pad soon.. 😬 Thanks
  10. Just made fresh new account and Got banned with method one and two both no menu no slider no switch. Ban straight! IPA is detected completely...
  11. Ahahaha 😂 Do you even now what one shot kill is ?? With one shot kill you can blow a car with just one bullet..How is that not so dangerous?? What are you thinking ?? Crazy or what?
  12. Guys Take it easy and just stop using main account at the moment. Give Cz time to figure out whats happening.
  13. I am a new member

    Make a new account and pay with that.. I faced the same problem and fixed it by making new paypal account
  14. I am a new member

    You don’t need any email! You are all set and good to for app u like. To get any app u just have to comment below to see all hidden content. Once you start seeing the stuff.. u can use direct install or super installer. Direct install gets revoked every now and whereas super installer doesn’t get revoked that easily...
  15. NO BAN'v2 Pubg Mobile