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How To Use Cydia Impactor to Sign and Install IPA Files/Apps on Non-Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

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Cydia Impactor is a versatile software, available on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, which can perform a number of tasks for both iOS and Android platform. Today we’ll know how we can use Cydia Impactor to install different iOS IPA apps and files without requiring a jailbroken device.

Originally when this software was developed by Saurik back in 2013, it was a device management tool to jailbreak android phones using the “Master Key” exploit.

Later on, Saurik released a Cydia tweak with the same name for iPhone and iPad devices to remove the jailbreak without restoring the device to the fresh firmware.

In order to avoid the confusion between these two packages, the developer renamed the tool as Cydia Eraser for iOS devices.

The original Cydia Impactor was re-coded then to introduce new features for both Android and iOS platforms. Its most important feature is to sign and install the IPA on iOS and APK files on Android. It is one of the favorite applications for many developers to sideload the apps for testing purpose.

Sideloading is a technique used to upload the applications files (IPA or APK) from a local storage to the mobile device without downloading it from the official App Store.

There are a number of ways to sideload the IPA applications on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. But the beauty of Cydia Impactor is its compatibility with the three major PC operating systems i.e., Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is simple, easy, lightweight, and free. After using this software, you’ll forget all other methods, like Xcode method, iTunes method or any other hack to sideload iOS apps.





How to Sign and Run iOS IPA Files With the Use of Cydia Impactor

Step 1: Make it sure you have already installed the latest version of iTunes on your Computer, You’ll also need the IPA file you want to install using Cydia Impactor. Get it and save it on the PC.

Step 2: Download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from the official site for your PC. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Step 3: Extract the zipped file into an easily accessible location.

Step 4: Connect your device with the PC using the USB cable.

Step 5: Now launch the executable file of Impactor.


Step 6: Once it recognizes your iPhone, drag and drop the downloaded IPA file on to it.


or Alternatively, you can also go to “Device” and select “Install Package…” option on Cydia Impactor.


Step 7: The application will ask for Apple ID username and Apple ID password which are used to fetch the certificate from the Apple’s servers.


If you are using the Apple ID registered with Apple’s Developer Program, you get the developer certificate which will remain valid for one year. In case you are using a non-developer ID, you get the certificate with 7 days validity only.

Step 8: Please be patient and let Cydia Impactor perform different tasks to sign and install the IPA file.


Step 9: Once you see the “Complete” message on it, wake up your iPhone and go to “Settings > General > Device Management”.


Step 10: Open the just installed profile, and trust the developer.

That’s all. Now you can launch the sideloaded application from the iPhone’s home screen.


Cydia Impactor Errors and Solutions

During the process, Cydia Impactor doesn’t remove, delete or alter any system files on your iPhone and iPad. It only signs the application using the certificate and then installs it on the device.

While performing these steps, it may show some errors which may vary from situation to situation. Here are the common ones and their solutions.

1. lockdown.cpp:57

If you are using Cydia Impactor on Windows PC or on Linux, you may get this error. It means that your device is not communicating either with Cydia Impactor or with Apple servers properly.

If you are connecting your device with the PC first time, always select “Trust This Computer” option so that the communications occurs without any problem. After that, launch Cydia Impactor and follow the above steps.

This error may also occur if you have enabled two-factor authentication on your Apple ID. Continue reading to get the solution for this issue.

2. Provision.cpp:150

This is the most common error people face when they enter Apple ID username and Password. It usually occurs when you have set two-factor authentication feature on your Apple ID.

To get rid of this error, there are two options. Either disable the two-factor authentication temporarily and re-enable after you have installed the iPA file using Cydia Impactor or use the app-specific password. Here is the way to get app-specific password.

  1. Go to appleid.apple.com and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Under the security section, click on “Edit”.
  3. Find “App-specific Password” section and click “Generate password”.
  4. Enter any label and get the password.


Now use this password when Cydia asks for it. It will fix this issue.

3. provision.cpp:62 and provision.cpp:68

These errors occur when Cydia Impactor is not communicating with the Apple servers. The fault might be at your end or at Apple’s end. If Apple’s servers are down due to some maintenance or they are not accessible due to any DNS issue, you face such type of errors.

If there is no problem with your internet connection then you’ll have wait for few hours until Apple servers are up.

4. ipa.cpp: 45

This error occurs if you have already installed the same app on your device using a different account. Suppse, you have already installed Super Mario using an Apple ID and Password. After some time, you try to install the same application while using a different ID, you get this error.

Either remove the already installed iOS app or sign the app with the same ID to get rid of this error.

5. zip.cpp:321 and zip.cpp:331

These errors happen due to either bad IPA package or old Cydia Impactor version.

First of all, check you are using the latest version of Cydia Impactor. For this purpose, use the built-in updater under “Impactor > Check for Update”.


If the sofware is already updated then check the IPA file is properly packed and not damaged while downloading. Try after downloading again or getting it from any other source.

6. http-win.cpp:158

This error is produced when the Cydia Impactor can not establish a secure connection with the remote servers due to an issue with SSL certificate. This problem has been solved in the latest release of Cydia Impactor.

That’s all.

In case you face any other error or you used any other solution to fix these issues, drop your trick using the comment section below.

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Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library:

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an usual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.

waiting for your help. thanks!

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