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  1. @Cz1993hello dear how are you could you please upload jailbreak version for vip because our subscription is running out for nothing at least let us to try that version thank you
  2. شارب شوتر أو اسكربتات تلاقي عندهم قروبات ف تلقرام
  3. To all hackers u guys shouldn’t play with officially account he already have mentioned to try with guest account not personal or official account stop blaming him most of developers their hack detected
  4. ي جماعه اَي حد منكم لو يخاف عالباند نزلوا النسخه الاصليه و م راح يجيكم باند نهائيا If any one want to avoid banned just install the original one and play you guys will never get banned ?