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  1. والله ما افشل منه الا انت يالثور اللي تطبل له
  2. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    Dude man up n mind ur language!! Nothing wrong with making a comment without teasing and irritating others;)
  3. Complaint to develop the game PUBG Hack

    Totally agree 💯 Despite being SVIP member who would like to have a different version from the one that VIP are using ..... I can’t agree more with FHD. It is not fair that we are having it while they have no version at all. Everyone would understand 12h-24h advantage for svip .... but releasing it 3-5 days later for vip is something I can’t ignore. After all, who r vip members? They are our brothers & friends - definitely we are missing them 💔 note; I hope others would understand that this is not a protest 😋 - we are expressing our feelings, trusting that it will lead to an improvement. PEACE ✌️
  4. GameGem hack codes for PUBG 0.12++

  5. Thanks genius 👌🏼