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  1. He is such a dumb a** (inappropriate word) @Cz1993 ignore him. People like him only doesn’t appreciate the hard work! Such a jerk !
  2. 10 mints ban are due to reports. Try to play normal and don’t wipe out whole squad by yourself!
  3. Yes you can use proxy chain and oriole both with wifi! Or you can manually add the ip and the port in your wifi! Choice is yours!
  4. Its been detected ! 3 days ban all the steps followed bro @Cz1993 fix it asaap!
  5. Yes everything was good! I played few matches yesterday it was fine but today i got ban i was not even playing i was spectating my friend ! I have 5g connection and connection is not an issue
  6. I think there is problem with the certificate! The ping is too high and due to this there is no response from the server ! @Cz1993 please look into this!