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  1. So doing redownload will solve the certificate issue or not? i’m downloading Now, but still in progress.
  2. yes you can, download the .plis file. then open on the text editor. you will the the .ipa URL there.
  3. noted boss, thanks alot for the fast update. is there any possibility next release to get rid DLG code?
  4. Actually this could be a good idea. releasing only no recoil hack (without DLG) and see for a week how does it survive. because most recent release hack today only survive not more than a week. if the hack survive more than a week, then release the DLG version. i know that there is a bunch of DLG code user out there who use the code carefully, but then there is also another player who abuse the DLG code. @Cz1993 kindly consider this on the next release.
  5. hmm.. from all the comment, people who use v4 code is mostly got ban. anyone using v3 got ban also?
  6. bedanya v3 dan v4 apa bro? gw maen sampe jam 1 pagi kemarin msh aman2 aja pake no recoil, tanpa GLC code.
  7. Thanks alot bro.. btw is there any chance that we can install pubg hack as duplicate? so there will be 2 PUBG apps on the device, the original from apps store and the modded PUBG? @Cz1993
  8. Playing legit while waiting Cz to finish his work, actually not that bad.. Ganbatte Cz
  9. gak bs emg ini bro. soalnya harus punya SHSH blog versi ios sebelumnya baru bs downgrade. misal mau turun ke ios 11.xx, nah SHSH blobs nya harus ada dulu di versi 11.xx