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  1. for JB version there is plenty option out there which is safe. go grab some JB version which is better.
  2. i have been reading all the comment about the ban wave and also poor connection to proxy server. if connection to proxy is so important to not getting ban, is it possible to release proxy as simple file that we can use using windows OS or mac OS? so we can use our own proxy server that guarantee having a good connection? @Cz1993kindly consider.
  3. Dude, you have to describe your problem. how others can help you if you cannot describe it. for start, did you already do all the step on page 1? did you stuck on something? what exactly your problem?
  4. if antiban page is not there, then you doing it wrong. read again the step.
  5. thanks for sharing this tricks, will try this one and got back with the feedback.
  6. Thx for the tricks, will try this using twitter. If you can, could you make a short video on how you login to wechat? I just want to make sure the step is same as you, so i didn't get ban.
  7. Twitter login problem, anyone have the same issue? i think the proxy block twitter ip address, should add/whitelist twitter ip address. i try this using 2 method : 1. With twitter apps 2. without twitter apps both method is not working (cannot login to pubg using twitter account). Could you check on this @Cz1993
  8. Svip

    go here :
  9. Complaint 2 to develop the game PUBG Hack

    To all member who complaining about PUBG Hack, let me explain some of the Fact about IOSGG all about : 1. IOSGG does not "Only" provide PUBG hack. there is so many hack that IOSGG publish here. if you buy VIP/SVIP only for PUBG hack then it's your fault, not the developer. 2. If you think that the developer scared to lose customer, let me tell you "They NOT". People come and go over time, so they did not scared at all. 3. If you think you have another better option than IOSGG to get PUBG hack, then you are even be here in the first place. so quit whining and wait for the next update or GTFO
  10. also got 10 minutes ban, didn't use any DLG Code and playing like a normal people. @Cz1993kindly check.
  11. The answer is NO, no one ever gonna be safe from ban 10 years as long as using third party apps (hack/modded apps). eventually you will got ban.
  12. at least their account is safe, no banned happen to them which more important than the internet data. beside for people who buying VIP subscription, i think they are rich enough to buy internet data.