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  1. Why I cant open account from my device only other devices I can log in. But when I try by my phone I can’t!!!!!!!! Why bro ???? @Cz1993 YOUR browser does not accept cookies which are required in order to log in error code 1S267/1 what I can do bro why is block??
  2. When will the Jailbreak be available and also we have to pay or not for jailbreak vip section ??? its work with 11,12 Electra ??? Please we need to know if u [email protected] regard's
  3. My equation R U think everyone here got band they don't know how to doing steps to play hack or this version is the cause of the ban I need answer ???? @Cz1993 So every members here they don't know how to download hack to play safe without ban @Cz1993 Stop this version until have solution Regard's
  4. Guest user sometime u can play more than -game then it will get ban 3 day. Or less 3 days or 10 years but u can’t play with friends level below 30 so we need Facebook or Twitter but if login by these will get ban 3 days or more
  5. Still ban 3 days with twitter and Facebook so there is no difference between 3v and 2v only the name ??? all step I do it and before start hack I checked anti ban page
  6. End story for iOSGG hack must people got band 10 min 3 days or 10 years but still said hack it’s safe and ip and port it’s work from yesterday we said ban ban band now u change v3 and also getting band 10 min or one week and 10 years in lobby so if u don’t have solution just say and stop this hack no need more people to lose their accounts regard’s @Cz1993
  7. If still hack like this and compare with the number of subscribers for the next month and I promise you it will be reduce just wait... honesty I will continue use hack till expire but will not pay again And also some studies svip here no need to see him like this @jiahui regard's @Cz1993
  8. List u r svip its different with us I do everything step by step but still same issue also svip they have special ip and port and not same steps So keep quiet
  9. I didn't know what happened until now must people they have some issues how to play safe without band I do its step by step and still got band One time 10 years second 2 hours I checked anti ban page before start hack and everything ok and still ban then remove pupg hack and install but still band also @Cz1993
  10. بااااند عشر سنوات وجاني باند بعد بالساعات شابك واي فاي ???????? Band 10 years @Cz1993
  11. شكرا للشرح ولكن الشباب اللي يستعملون البيانات يمكن يضبط معهم ولكن انا عندي واي فاي ع طول باند مرة عشر سنوات ودخلت بحساب ثاني عطاني باند ساعتين