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  1. Needing codes urgently and i waiting for a long time to play @Cz1993please check mail and rely to me bro
  2. Get banned bro @Cz1993 i create new acc with new fb acc and get banned 20 m after login 10 m
  3. Pubg Mobile v0.9.1 DLG Codes

    Ever the best
  4. pls follow all step by step and dont use more dlg codes( magic bullets,...) and dont kill others with impossible ways( kill an enemy from too many far away with ARs ) . play smart and let dont know others u r cheating. i recommend now vpn mode is the best hack mode ever.
  5. Bro do step by step carefully. Dont too much hard. It is so safe now and i played over 100 match with a ton of chicken dinner