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  1. Tried reinstalling all over again for 3 times and still getting banned haha. my vip sub ends tomorrow. i won’t buy anymore subs till @Cz1993makes it work. lost 6 of my accounts today and I’m done. i feel so happy though... good luck guys!!
  2. Just lost the fun of playing PUBG. Main account got banned and just deleted hack. I hope he finds the solution haha good luck CZ!
  3. Just tried V3 and got banned 2 hours in lobby. * Logged in with Facebook account?
  4. ㅆㅂ 1-2주 기다리고 핵을 1일 씀ㅋㅋㅋ 본계정 3일밴 나이따~~~ 좆같다아아아아
  5. CONCLUSION. - This hack is not safe. Just got 3 days ban. - Guest account works fine. - Social Network accounts will get ban 100%. Thank you✌? Hope @Cz1993 will figure out the solution??
  6. I have question guys. The Note right before proxy chain, cz said we should disable the WiFi proxy. What is that WiFi proxy? Does he mean disable the anti ban button?
  7. Yea my friend also got 2 hours ban in lobby using svip few hours ago. But he says he is not getting banned anymore. dunno why though
  8. Do you guys wanna use hack only for 1-2 days and get banned again? SVIP gets their own hacks first but plz rethink in a positive way like, they are doing the test for us before release. i bet the anti ban method is not that much different with svip and vip. Maybe slightly different. And guys plz don’t say bad things about admins. did ever @Cz1993 skipped making hack for VIPs? Just wait and think they are trying hard okay? no need to say bad things guys. Let’s just chill and play 4/4 death match?