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  1. I’m done here now. @Cz1993 ain’t working hard enough. Renewed my sub last month for last hope but played safely only 3-4days and that’s all. If you ever just listened to us @Cz1993 ... but now it’s too late. I swear 70% of PUBG users won’t purchase subs here. If u just uploaded only IPA files like Chinese hackers continuously, and updated the proxy and host every 3 days, this hack would’ve still worked. Direct install method sucks bro, seriously. If u wanna earn money u gotta change your style man. I personally think ppl who doesn’t know how to install IPA, don’t deserve to use any iOS hacks include PUBG Mobile. CUZ ITS SO EASY. If you ever worked so hard like Chinese hackers, u would’ve earned lots of money. They provide hack only with IPA and the best part of the hack is... it’s one touch method. You don’t need to search the codes every single game. Anyway... good bye man. I’ll be back when iosgg returns like a KING.
  2. 클라이언트 버전이 다르니까 로그인이 안되지 이 버러지 새키야~~~~^^
  3. I ain’t @Cz1993 but let me tell u some facts. PUBG declared to fight back cheaters. I know we all want the safe hack but you and everyone should know it’s a miracle that we are able to log in the game. I also hope cz builds more better anti ban but it won’t be easy. we should just wait.
  4. Just deleted the game. I tried circle method but also got connection error. Without trying circle method I got “Data has changed” Good bye PUBG
  5. Data has changed 10 min banned. I’ll try WiFi nogada every circle later.
  6. @Cz1993 Hey man wassup. Can u drop IPA version instead of direct install link? Crew Challenge is near and I want your hack b4 Crew Challenge man. I haven’t downloaded V3 cuz my clan members already lose almost 30 Dummy accounts total. Just heard that it crashes every 5 minutes. Plz plz drop IPA version for ppl who can handle your hack like a pro. So far, I think getting 10 mins circle ban is wayyy better than getting 5 minute crash man... Regards. P.S. @Primo can you share us the process of the new V4 hack for regular VIPS?
  7. Purchased hack for nothing. I feel like I just wasted my cash lmao!! Purchased at July 3rd and used hack for 3 hours ahahahahahaha VERY NICE SIBALNOMA👍🏼👍🏼
  8. Hey man I already reinstalled and still got 7 days ban... it’s time for you to drop IPA file for us and improve more security. My suggestion is... you should consider removing the sliding bar and drop IPA file for ppl who handles this hack professionally. Thanks for your hard work anyway man💪🏼
  9. I think you are real byoung sin bro. Our thoughts and banned feed backs [email protected]’s hacks better and stronger. Only few byoung sins write this kind of replies and proves themselves a byoung sin hogu.