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  1. Can we get an updated list of what current mods are actually working?? Because the crates still won’t open & weapons get crafter are half durability, and a couple other issues I can’t remember. Thanks.
  2. Is this app still up to date cause I downloaded it but it says go to update it at plenixclash so I’m very confused lol. Please help thanks.
  3. So I loaded up my game finally & when it went to say I have progress already would I like to go to my old save I missed the button & it disappeared so can I not get back into my account no? I’m going to delete the app & retry.
  4. This still work or did it ever just curious because I was wanting some of the huskies from the store not willing to actually spend money on them lol.

    Tactical backpack & Kevlar armor is also safe been using it every time I leave my base logged off my phone & back on & game still loads up so it won’t crash your game. Just letting everyone know since Kevlar is a step up from riot I assume takes less damage when hit
  6. It’s not currently working for me, anyone else having issues?
  7. Got my old account simply stoned no longer needs verified unless you want to, I do like that name more lol I just got Into my old account so I’ll play on this one until simply is verified
  8. I can't wait for these hacks! lol it's gonna be so GREAT!!!! ???????
  9. This is such helpful content! Appreciate the hacks when I get verified.