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  1. I cannot install anyone else having issues?? I thought it was working.
  2. Chests aren’t working along with obviously everyone else is probably also having the fishing event crash your game, infinite stuff doesn’t bother me, I kinda like it better honestly but if you have an infinite source stack you can create stacks of 20 or whatever that item is by splitting it if you go back to the regular version.
  3. iSpoofer/Pokémon GO++ v0.103.0

    This is amazing thank you so much !!! ??????????
  4. is the hack up to date lol I thought it was 1.15 is the new current updated version I thought.
  5. Thanks a lot, waiting for verification I forgot my old account with you guys... so I gotta redo it lol ? can’t wait to play your new updated version of LDoE!