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  1. Any way to run pubg on JB device??

    You can; if you go to the "Free Jailbreak Hacks" section, there is pubg available to download. Jailbreak isn't my area of expertise, unfortunately, but I'm sure if you follow the instructions on the post, you'll be able to play.
  2. I have fail for key pubg global vers

    Instead of creating a questions post, you could always directly message Cz1993 if you have an issue that needs to be directly solved. Good luck.
  3. PUBG Mobile

    Your best bet is probably to just reinstall the app.
  4. removing certificate from an ipa

    Ace is right, this is simply not something within your power to control. Sorry.
  5. Vip buy

    Well, if you want to buy a VIP subscription, you can do so through Paypal. It seems like there is no direct payment using a credit card. Creating a Paypal account is quite easy to do and you can link your card through the account. Some consider using Paypal to be extremely convenient in the long run if you go through online checkout processes a lot.
  6. Saving this for when I have time to check it out. Looks cute!
  7. Favorite Quick Snack

    This is just me, but I like whipping up a quick snack by making instant noodles, lol. Not that I'm a health nut or anything, but I also like eating fruit as a snack if I'm hungry, and edamame is really good when salted (it's easy to prepare!). In terms of junk food, I like popcorn or any spicy snack out there (Hot fries have always been a personal favorite. :)).
  8. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (All Versions) +3

    Hm. Used to play this game a lot to pass the time. Might be worthwhile to revisit lol.
  9. Easy installation problem- active code

    This seems a bit tricky. Perhaps its a server error that did not register your VIP right away? You can try contacting Cz1993 to see if he can do anything to address or resolve your issue.
  10. Device not activated

    Could you try deleting and reinstalling to see if that would reset anything? I'm not an expert but maybe you needed to register or login again. I know there are several apps here that require a log-in as an iOSGG forum user before you are allowed to play. If this is a jailbroken app then I wouldn't know a thing, sorry.
  11. I have problems

    It seems like there are an increasing number of people who are finding trouble with downloading things on the latest iOS version. I don't think there is a solution yet, or at least nobody could provide a reliable explanation as to why it's not working. I can give you advice no more than any other casual user can, but if you have a device that hasn't been updated yet, maybe you could try downloading something on that device. If it works, then you know that the issue may be directly correlated to the iOS version. My device works fine when I download things still, despite being updated to the same version as you and many others. Best of luck, I guess.

    I mean if you're looking for Netflix accounts to use, you can find some on nulled.to. They have a much larger collection of cracked Netflix accounts, and they are constantly updated by users contributing daily. A lot of them are taken the moment the info gets released, so sometimes you have to try several accounts and passwords before finding one you can use. Just be patient. :) Happy searching.
  13. This seems like a cute game, lol. Will try in my free time!
  14. This is nice. Loved playing these racing games.
  15. ((( Accidently reposted previous message. This can be ignored lmao. )))