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Status Updates posted by Primo

  1. What you mean Re-sign in progress!!? ?

    1. Primo


      Now this is crazy ?

  2. It’s been crazy here for a good period! Glad I got part of it. See y’all ❤️

  3. Back on track!

  4. @Cz1993 They made a Nexomon game on ps4 ???

  5. For people asking for compensation about memberships. 


  6. I’m not available for the next 10 days, sorry for the inconvenience! Got things to do unfortunately. @Cz1993 is aware and is still there working on the site so don’t worry much about the updates. ✌?

  7. @Cz1993  We definitely should hack Tinder... ????!!

  8. Hi! 

    So as usual we’ve got to update the Pubg hack and some Vip members aren’t happy (of course we understand...) because the hack can’t be played. For those who asked for a compensation by exemple, or those who are asking «  Why do I pay for a hack that doesn’t work ». Once again here’s a pretty nice post we putted a little moment ago to warn you BEFORE buying..

    So for new comers or even old ones, take a moment and read it. ✌?


  9. Hello,

    dear Vip members, we’ve acknowledged your reports about Pubg problems.

    As always, a fix will be found as soon as possible. It might take time but we ask for your consideration, as it’s not an easy task and problems can occur along the way. 

    Thanks for your patience. ??

  10. Hello to every new comer!

    Don’t forget to read the rules before doing anything else! 
    Too much spam! (For a while though, but now I’m helper again so I’ll have to spam you !)

    Peace! ??
    ps: wear a mask! ?

  11. I’m back sup fam!!

  12. By subscribing to Vip memberships, you agree to this. Be aware of that as it is in Forum Announcements where every members can have access to it. 
    As written into it you’re considered warned.

    Any disrespectful posts or false accusations of any types will be followed by a Ban from the website as Cz always does his best with the hacks, he might not be able to give updates everyday or answer every Pm (as he got a thousand almost of them) but he is still working. Any disrespect towards him or his work will also be followed by a Ban which means that you won’t get ANY refund of ANY KIND if you subscribed to something. 

    Being on this site always required patience, so any new comer thinking it’s a bad way to do is free to leave. Read over the website how it works and how we do things BEFORE subscribing and then complain because it’s not how YOU want. 

    Peace ✌? 

  13. Everyone be Safe outhere with the Covid! ??

  14. Got that new baby 11 gotta put my IG to next level ?

  15. Forum Rules also applies to VIP members. Please take note and never forget that even if you paid for a membership any behaviour misregarding the rules will be punished accordingly ! ??

  16. To all Vip soon to subscribe or for new members:

    Don’t forget to read this before thinking about buying VIP.

    Super Installation Keys won’t be gifted because Apple revoke the certifications.

    You’ve been warned! 

  17. Who remember when there used to be a chatbox here? ???


  19. Before buying Vip membership read THIS!! 


  20. Pubg is from many reports detected, which has been reported to Cz already! He will check It. I’ll give the news if I have some. Or else he’ll announce it! Of course we’re looking for a fix as soon as possible if needed. 

  21. Will make a topic regarding Pubg soon, to warn about the risks of subscribing Vip only for it. Just wait a bit. ✌?

  22. When Games will be updated, we’ll make a special topic to warn about Pubg and Vip memberships. ??

  23. For pubg hack, currently the working and safest hack probably is jailbreak version with anti ban server.

    Tencent just act again on the pubg hackers, because currently the android version is also detected, normally the android hack is more safer than ios one.

    Some people are able to play but maybe not for long. The game is still getting worked on because Tencent team is really strong for the moment. We’ll try our best and will give news as soon as possible. ✌?

  24. Everyone please be careful with pubg, coupon codes been updated but all versions are risky. Use it with Caution. 

    You’ve been warned! ?✌?

  25. Hi everyone,

    Pubg hacks are getting updated, none of them is safe for now(non-jailbreak version). So if you’re able to play it, be careful! As for people waiting for coupon code the game will have to be updated first. Sorry for lost days, Cz will do as fast as possible as usual.