Hi, Due to a lot of problems recently faced with PUBG, we're making this Topic to prevent any misunderstandings with new members and mostly to  WARN ABOUT THE RISKS OF VIP MEMBERSHIPS ! As you must know making hacks isn't an easy task. Furthermore some complications can occure along the way,  WHICH IS ALSO THE CASE WITH VIP AND SVIP GAMES.  These complications:                    GAME UPDATES. Of course any games on the site must sometimes be updated. According to the game, the updates may take a lot of time.    For that be aware that an update REQUIRES PATIENCE FROM MEMBERS OF ANY KIND. As long as an update can be, it takes the time it needs.  WHILE THE GAME/S IS/ARE GETTING UPDATED YOU CAN'T PLAY IT. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WAIT, DON'T BUY A VIP MEMBERSHIP. CERTIFICATE REVOKATION. Hacks need to be certificated on ios to work. These certificates CAN BE REVOKED. While we update the certificate THE GAMES AREN'T AVAILABLES TO PLAY! AGAIN, WHILE THE CERTIFICATE  GETS UPDATED YOU CAN'T PLAY. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WAIT, DON'T BUY A VIP MEMBERSHIP. HACK DETECTION. According to the game it's possible THAT THE HACK WILL BE DETECTED!  If that happens, two things can happen:    1. We will update the hack has soon as it gets detected. 2. We will update the hack when the game gets updated as well. We will announce which will be done accordingly to what we think is better.  ANYWAY, WHILE THE GAME/S IS/ARE GETTING UPDATED YOU CAN'T PLAY IT. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO WAIT, DON'T BUY A VIP MEMBERSHIP. TO EXPLAIN IT MORE CLEARLY, YOU MIGHT FACE SITUATIONS WHERE YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME YOU WANT FOR A PRETTY LONG PERIOD. DON'T BUY VIP FOR ONE GAME ONLY. DON'T BUY VIP IF YOU'RE AFRAID OF BAN. (Ban is inevitable for some games, "anti ban" generally serve to hide you from anti cheat servers you can still be reported if you're not careful, we don't take responsibility for your.... irresponsibility.)   Us IOSGG, WON'T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY for memberships bought AS YOU'RE NOW CONSIDERED WARNED!! THESE WARNINGS ARE CURRENTLY FOR PUBG, BUT WILL APPLY ON ANY GAME/S THAT FACE OR WILL FACE THE SAME PROBLEMS NOW OR ANYTIME IN THE FUTURE! THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERNS! See you soon on IosGG.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  STAFF.                                                                 @Cz1993