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  1. You can’t buy god console in multiplayer only in single player you can buy primal pass in single player only in multiplayer do you have to do this step?
  2. hahaha you were waiting for that notification from the app store werent you lol thank you @cz1993
  3. Hi iZusanoo, 


    Jurassic World Alive update 1.1.30 now, let you know. I got old version 1.1.22, it keep froze and crash it sometimes. 

  4. It's PopCorn TimeTV

    New Update 04-06-18 Update
  5. I lost my jb status :snooty:

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    2. iZusanoo


      hahahaha does it have gold or diamonds? :XD:

    3. Cheap007


      @cz1993 I think your just throwing salt into the wounds of @iZusanoo

    4. iZusanoo


      i know right that meany @cz1993 lol