LAST DAY ON EARTH UNRELEASED ITEMS LIST UPDATING Note : Any Item Crafted On List Can Cause Freeze Your Progress And You Will Not Get It BackIf These Items Are Crafted And You Leave The Game That Will Result In Progress Lose And Will Require You Either Reinstalling / and or Make New Game Center To Save Progress Again Brought to you by     DO NOT CRAFT  [IN RED] Horse Saddle Kevlar Helmet Kevlar Body Armor Kevlar Trousers Kevlar Boots Mortar Metal Pipe Safe [ingame | craftable] This Item Is Now Safe Assault Helmet Assault Body Armor Assault Trousers Assault Boots ATV Transmission  Not in Game Don't Ask C-4 Explosive  [ingame | crafting isn’t enabled ] This Item Is Now Safe Clan Banner Explosive Material Tactical Backpack Turret [ingame | craftable] This Item Is Now Safe Radio Tower Hand Pump Repair Station Zombie Truck Chemistry Station  S&W Land Mine MI24 Electronics Lab The Dragunov Metal Cutter