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[GIVE] The Simpsons: Tapped out [Doughnuts, Cash, Event items, Buildings]

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Hello IOSGG! 

Today i present to you a give thread for all the main currencies, event items, and buildings in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Requests are filled out using my mod, and all generated currencies and items fully sync with EA game servers. It is highly suggested that you read the rules before you proceed with submitting a request. 

The rules are as follow, 


  • Must at least be level 15 or higher.
  • Must have not received any help for cash and donuts in the past 2 weeks, however you can requests other services after 1 week. This is so you can play the game as its intended. Greediness will not be tolerated!
  • You must be specific while requesting old items and or characters. If you're not specific with the items that you want, i can choose not to fulfill your request.
  • If you do not specify how much donuts/cash/KL tickets/etc. you want, you'll be given an amount at random from the range shown below.


The time range for requests

Time Range for Online requests: 10 min-8 hrs

Time Range for Offline requests: 8hrs-24hrs


Items that are being offered

Items Quantity Range Minimum requirement for help
Donuts 1-1000 Account must have under 1000 donuts
Cash 1-20 Mil. Account must have under 50 Mil. cash
KrustyLand Tickets 50,000-100,000 Must have Krustyland unlocked


Instructions to submit a request

Before you proceed with reading the instructions, do not under any circumstances post your TSTO Game-email and password in the comment section below.

  • Send me a private message with your TSTO game email, your Case-sensitive password, and the details of your request
  • Be specific in your request, if you do not tell me exactly what you want, i can choose not to fullfill your requests.
  • You may play your game while you wait. If you are logged in to your account and you get kicked out, please stay out of the account for at least 5 minutes as I might be in there completing your request. If you kick me out I may choose not to help you.
  • I will reply to your PM when it's done. 
  • Once you get the PM from me, verify that you got what you wanted. If you log in and see a "game not saved on other device" message, you can safely proceed past it, BUT ONLY AFTER you have received a PM.
  • After your request is fulfilled, it is highly suggested that you change your password, here.
  • Feedback in the comment section below is greatly appreciated! Saying thanks goes a long way!


Since any hack is essentially changing the programming of the original app, it is impossible to know all effects a change can make to your town. 99% of the time a request is done with no issues. In very few cases, some small undesired change could happen. These undesired changes are usually fixable manually. I am not responsible for any undesired change. Request changes to your account at your own risk.

That concludes it, ladies and gentlemen. Happy tapping!

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