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Found 14 results

  1. How do I install games? do I have to have the game already installed or not?
  2. I bought 12 months of SVIP on 6/20, but suddenly disappeared at 6/25 SVIP How can this be?
  3. He never answers pm when it’s a PUBG question. However, he treats SVIP members so gently not like VIP fams. He pre-released PUBG hack 5 days ago for SVIP members, and yet he lies to VIP members on his status and says he is “still working.” As a grown adult, I know how the world works so I don’t blame cz1993 taking more specific care for SVIP cuz I would do the same thing if I were him... but I wouldn’t lie to members. Currently, SVIP PUBG hack got detected and most of them are getting 2 month Ban, and CZ just announced to SVIP members that he will fix the hack and upload “Today”. ...what about VIP members? cz1993 just closed PUBG topic on VIP forum and blocked everything relates to PUBG and yet, he is still communicating with SVIP members about PUBG hack lol. Hey bro, what u wrote on the recent comment on PUBG 12.5 VIP hack accidentally or not, u wrote u will make PUBG hack more detectable. That comment just made many ppl here disappointed. You should gain some faith from VIP fams here brah seriously. I hope u show some feed back or something ASAP.
  4. The data changed and the connection !! PUBG mobile vip
  5. Favorite Quick Snack

    Whats Everyone Favorite Quick Snack at home? trying to get some new ideas and just curious :)
  6. I am very happy to announce I am part of this community yay . But I bought vip and don't know the account password! Do I need to wait to send? :(( Please help me
  7. Your favorite game

    Guys, what’s your favorite game ? Mine is Last Day on Earth: Survival (of course), and it’s even better when hacked, lol.
  8. iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/space-pioneer/id1204790625?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4 hi all need hack for games Non-Jailbroken Hacks thank
  9. To me the best hack is Last day on earth hack, lot of features the game itself is great 🔥 What y’all think about it?
  10. Hello, guys new here. What are some of you guys favorite games? A favorite of mine right now is Last Day on Earth.
  11. Hello

    I am very happy to announce I am part of this community yay
  12. App not working

    It does work the screen just rotates so if ever your about to play unlock button of thr screen to change its screen to tilt landscape and get the full screen ?
  13. General Discussion Rules

    Welcome to General Discussion Thread! You can discuss anything here; about your life, about PC, Video Games, Console, iOS games etc., If you are gonna ask about when your comment needs to approved, hack request, questions or problems with the hack. We have a proper section for that. HACK REQUEST SECTION: Hack Requests QUESTION AND ANSWERS SECTION: Questions And Answers Want to make a Tutorial? Post it here. TUTORIAL: Tutorial Community Rules still applies on this section. Respect everyone. Enjoy your stay on iOSGG!
  14. How do I get to floor 0? Seems like everyone can get there from the elevator that you go in to come into bunker? And isn't that where you can fix generator? I'm so lost I have been tovall 3 levels inside the bunker but can't seem to get into the actual basement parts. Please help!!