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Found 14 results

  1. มีมั้ยคนใจดีสอนผมลงหน่อย หรือ ยืมรหัสลง app หน่อยครับ ขอบคุณครับ
  2. 求救

    下載超級安裝 顯示 Unable to connect to the APPLE API, please try again. 怎麼辦 在此處獲取遊戲圖像和信息: https://www.iosgg.com/app/ 破解要求: -越獄或未越獄的iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch。 -運行Windows / Mac / Linux的計算機。 - 蘋果蠹衝擊器軟件。 特徵: -- -- -- 黑客下載鏈接: [隱藏] 注意: 在使用直接安裝之前,請先卸載原始版本。 要么 注意: IPA版本與Ifunbox,iTools,PPhelper等一起安裝。 [/隱藏] 如何安裝: 步驟1: 將Hacked IPA文件下載到您的計算機上。 第2步: 從此處下載Cydia Impactor 。 步驟3: 使用USB電纜將設備連接到計算機。 步驟4: 打開Cydia Impactor。 步驟5: 將步驟1中下載的IPA文件拖放到Cydia Impactor上 步驟6: Cydia Impactor會詢問您的Apple ID和密碼,該ID和密碼僅由Apple驗證並用於簽署IPA文件。如果您不願意提供它,請創建一個備用Apple ID並使用它。 步驟7: 安裝應用程序後,轉到設置->常規->配置文件(或“設備管理” /“配置文件和設備管理”)。查找具有您的Apple ID的個人資料並打開它。 步驟8: 點擊Trust(信任)按鈕。 步驟9: 現在打開應用程序並享受它。 學分: -iOsGG.com 視頻/屏幕截圖: --
  3. بالامس لعبت بطريقة الجوالين الاولى وتم حظري لمدة اسبوعين قمت بحذف اللعبه وتحميلها من جديد واليوم لعبت بحساب اخر وتم حظري لمدة اسبوع علما بان الاتصال لدي قوي والجوالين نوع ايفون ومتصل بشبكة واحده
  4. pubg 0.18 V3

    Hack hala beklerken Yönetici CZ PUBG 0.18 v3 hala bekliyoruz
  5. Ww

  6. Does Superinstall work? I'm not working right now superinstall.. ios 13.5
  7. Get the game image and info here: https://www.iosgg.com/app/ How it works: I know some of you getting banned try this method.. 1. start the game in any server where you are not pushing,It doesn’t matter which. 2. Play the game till first circle passes you. 3. You start outside the zone and boost yourself. 4.Now exit the game and restart it and follow two devices method. 5.Now die outside the circle or just get killed by someone. 6.Come out and play as you play regularly Comment if that helped. Credits: - iOsGG.com and Me 😬 Video/Screenshots: -
  8. Tomorrow pubg release a new update 0.18, how work with hacks? We have to wait for the new apk? The write on the news page “new anti cheating implementation” we have to worry about this?
  9. iTunes Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/space-pioneer/id1204790625?mt=8&uo=4&at=1010lce4 hi all need hack for games Non-Jailbroken Hacks thank
  10. To me the best hack is Last day on earth hack, lot of features the game itself is great ? What y’all think about it?
  11. App not working

    It does work the screen just rotates so if ever your about to play unlock button of thr screen to change its screen to tilt landscape and get the full screen ?
  12. General Discussion Rules

    Welcome to General Discussion Thread! You can discuss anything here; about your life, about PC, Video Games, Console, iOS games etc., If you are gonna ask about when your comment needs to approved, hack request, questions or problems with the hack. We have a proper section for that. HACK REQUEST SECTION: Hack Requests QUESTION AND ANSWERS SECTION: Questions And Answers Want to make a Tutorial? Post it here. TUTORIAL: Tutorial Community Rules still applies on this section. Respect everyone. Enjoy your stay on iOSGG!
  13. How do I get to floor 0? Seems like everyone can get there from the elevator that you go in to come into bunker? And isn't that where you can fix generator? I'm so lost I have been tovall 3 levels inside the bunker but can't seem to get into the actual basement parts. Please help!!