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Found 17 results

  1. 有木有中国的小伙伴
  2. iTunes Store Link: hi all need hack for games Non-Jailbroken Hacks thank
  3. To me the best hack is Last day on earth hack, lot of features the game itself is great 🔥 What y’all think about it?
  4. Alright, so I just started playing this game today. Its actually pretty fun and very similar to LDOE. Anyone else had any experience playing this yet?
  5. New Update occur 18.0.1😔
  6. Dogs Galore xD

    Anyone have a method to get infinite dogs besides having to go to drops or red zones and then pray that god (kefir) (a very sh!tty god) will spawn one for you? Since the inbox hack no longer works I think we’re all f***ed. Anyone that finds a method for infinite dogs, lemme know. Or... cz1993 if your reading this take into consideration for the hack the possibility of you removing the parents running away after making a puppy
  7. What is up community?!? I have some great news and want to share an amazing site with everyone so you can get your nerd on! I just recently found this amazing website in which you can read comics online for free! This isnt a gimmick and ill post the link below but I am so pumped to share with everyone. This is not my site and I just wanted everyone to enjoy like I have been the past few weeks relieving my childhood reading fix. If anyone has any other sites for comics that they would like to add let me know and ill modify this post and as always if you like the post hit the like button below!
  8. Fortnite

    Guys fortnite is available for download now Like please if u like the info ☺️☺️☺️
  9. any otaku here? I need some good anime to watch like comedy,action,fantasy
  10. I do not know what is happening with my game, i update the game, it was working, after try to enter In home screen(base) the game freezes In the loading screen. I already try to reinstall, remove and install again, downgrade and update... the problem Just happening with my player, if i make a new player works. Any idea?
  11. Hello, guys new here. What are some of you guys favorite games? A favorite of mine right now is Last Day on Earth.
  12. Hello

    I am very happy to announce I am part of this community yay
  13. Ok, so, i tried crafting most of the stuff thats on the red list and here is what happens; you can craft all of the things on the red list, what happens when you equip or try to put it on the ground differs, for eg; crafting and equipping the dragunov will result in an empty weapon slot that you can not equip anything, nor can you unequip the invicible dragunov, the only way to unequip it is to kill yourself and by that way resetting the game. crafting and equip military backpack or tactical armour will result in nothing... you will have the armour on, but no stats will be added nor will you lock the game, you can equip and unequip as you feel fit, you just dont gain anything from it, no more space no stats etc. crafting and trying to build the helicopter (mi24) will result in it being in your backpack, but you wont be able to put it on the ground to assemble it, nor will it have an icon in the biodling list. It will just be a white square that says 10 of that item, same thing goes for all other things you try to craft, put on ground and build. so all in all, i can say that most items are safe to craft, just be aware that weapons will lock onto the weapon slot ans you have to kill yourself to get rid of it. have fun playing and best of luck ? (Edit) just FYI, i use a iPhone 7s, not jailbroken, iOS 11.2.1, since i dont know if other OS might get different responses. Also i use Game Center.
  14. Chat’n’chill

    Hi guys please reply!??????? Does anyone know a simple way how to get Dungeon Boss Non jailbreak Hack for IOS?????????????
  15. App not working

    It does work the screen just rotates so if ever your about to play unlock button of thr screen to change its screen to tilt landscape and get the full screen ?
  16. Welcome to General Discussion Thread! You can discuss anything here; about your life, about PC, Video Games, Console, iOS games etc., If you are gonna ask about when your comment needs to approved, hack request, questions or problems with the hack. We have a proper section for that. HACK REQUEST SECTION: Hack Requests QUESTION AND ANSWERS SECTION: Questions And Answers Want to make a Tutorial? Post it here. TUTORIAL: Tutorial Community Rules still applies on this section. Respect everyone. Enjoy your stay on iOSGG!
  17. How do I get to floor 0? Seems like everyone can get there from the elevator that you go in to come into bunker? And isn't that where you can fix generator? I'm so lost I have been tovall 3 levels inside the bunker but can't seem to get into the actual basement parts. Please help!!