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Found 16 results

  1. Pubg

    I can not install vip pubg on ios 11.4.1. someone please help me.
  2. Information about VIP

    Hi folks, I just bought the vip subscription but I am still not able to download anything, could you please tell me what should I do?
  3. Problem with cydia impactor

    Hello, a question I wanted to know because this error throws me the cydia impactor when I want to put some game. Greetings help please
  4. Hey I’m looking for squad members to rank up on season 4 fast to reach top 100. (I was conqueror last season) Requirements: Europe server and hacking. PM me you ID/name and I will add you in game.
  5. Hi everybody I ask here, because I did not find any answer anywhere I have the iPhone 7, 10.3.2 jailbreak with Meridian I edited the file "productversion.plist" I replaced 10.3.2 by 11.1.1 (for tests) and my iphone after a few manip, he rebooted now the jailbreak of my iphone is disabled, and I can not modify the file "productversion.plist" meridan detect my iphone as ios 11.1.1 and do not want to launch jailbreak activation would anyone have a solution for me?
  6. I am very happy to announce I am part of this community yay . But I bought vip and don't know the account password! Do I need to wait to send? :(( Please help me
  7. 首先谢谢CZ1993辛苦的给我们更新外挂,发现这里国际服吃鸡的中国人很多,大家也很爱这个游戏,我转发别的论坛的高人的经验,大家不喜勿喷,谢谢,目前所有非天线代码都有数据模型检测到,比如说你一分钟内杀4个人这很正常,比如扫车炸死四个人,距离加上你武器打出的伤害,距离远伤害还高用弹量还少。这便可能超出模型范围一次便会开始持续监测你的数据然后再此在下面的游戏中你伤害再次超模型的伤害后你会被标记,在游戏结束时它就有一个结算的过程接算你的游戏数据和举报次数。比如我杀20人伤害2000用了300发5.56子弹用路飞打了楼上的人被举报一次用范围打了窗子的人被举报一次,在战斗时(战斗时是指你和敌人相互造成伤害那一秒开始到你结束战斗一分钟后的伤害量)伤害非常高了。所以总结一下经验是当我开挂玩游戏经验我的大号用单改天线包奔放三个赛季没有被封号过一次,后来我的经验是是每两个客户端结算就下线然后再上正版游戏端结算一次。 然后祝大家修仙顺利,大家玩的开心,有玩国际服欧服的朋友可以加我微信一起玩,微信是: leonlifr At First Thank you CZ1993 for giving us a new update plug-in, i try to share some experience of my friend in Pubg Mobile. At present, all non-antenna codes have data models detected. For example, it is normal for you to kill 4 people in one minute. For example, killing four people in a sweeping car, plus the damage from your weapon. The distance damage is also high and the amount of bomb is still small.This may be beyond the scope of the model and will continue to monitor your data. Then in the game below you will be marked after the damage of the super model again. At the end of the game, it will have a settlement process to take over. Game data and number of reports. For example, I killed 20 people and injured 2000 with 300 rounds of 5.56 bullets. The person who used the road to hit the upstairs was reported once. The person who hit the window with the scope was reported once. In the battle (the battle means that you and the enemy are causing damage to each other. The damage from the start of the second to the minute after you finish the battle) is very high. So summing up the experience is that when I open the cheat game experience, my large single-modified antenna package has not been singled out for three seasons. Later, my experience is that every two game with cheat settle down and then go to the original one.The game side settles once. Sorry for my Poor English, i hope you can understand, if you play Pubg Mobile Europe Server you can add me or Pm your game name,we can play toghter
  8. Your favorite game

    Guys, what’s your favorite game ? Mine is Last Day on Earth: Survival (of course), and it’s even better when hacked, lol.
  9. iTunes Store Link: hi all need hack for games Non-Jailbroken Hacks thank
  10. To me the best hack is Last day on earth hack, lot of features the game itself is great 🔥 What y’all think about it?
  11. Anime Recommendations

    any otaku here? I need some good anime to watch like comedy,action,fantasy
  12. Hello, guys new here. What are some of you guys favorite games? A favorite of mine right now is Last Day on Earth.
  13. Hello

    I am very happy to announce I am part of this community yay
  14. App not working

    It does work the screen just rotates so if ever your about to play unlock button of thr screen to change its screen to tilt landscape and get the full screen ?
  15. General Discussion Rules

    Welcome to General Discussion Thread! You can discuss anything here; about your life, about PC, Video Games, Console, iOS games etc., If you are gonna ask about when your comment needs to approved, hack request, questions or problems with the hack. We have a proper section for that. HACK REQUEST SECTION: Hack Requests QUESTION AND ANSWERS SECTION: Questions And Answers Want to make a Tutorial? Post it here. TUTORIAL: Tutorial Community Rules still applies on this section. Respect everyone. Enjoy your stay on iOSGG!
  16. How do I get to floor 0? Seems like everyone can get there from the elevator that you go in to come into bunker? And isn't that where you can fix generator? I'm so lost I have been tovall 3 levels inside the bunker but can't seem to get into the actual basement parts. Please help!!